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How to Clean Your Peloton Screen?

Cleaning the peloton screen may be simple, but the delicate nature of screens will always hold us back. The best thing about the peloton screen is that it does not require large investments to keep clean and maintained.

You don’t even need to devote an hour to getting the screen dust-free and ready for a clear session. Nevertheless, you will have to incorporate some maintenance routine aspects into your cleaning to make it a wholesome process.

So, ready for all these and more? Let’s get on to it!

The Peloton Screen

The peloton screen does not have a uniform size that cuts across all the equipment. On the contrary, each model has its own size.

The original peloton bike has a screen measuring 21.5 inches, while the new bike plus has a screen that is 23.8 inches.

As for the tread models, the new tread has a screen that is 23.5 inches, while the tread plus has a screen that measures 32 inches.

Despite differences in size and other aspects, the screens have one thing in common: HD touchscreens. Therefore, their cleaning procedure is all the same, regardless of which peloton screen you have at home.

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How Often Should I Clean the Peloton Screen?

Just like all the indoor equipment parts that you come into contact with, it is advisable to clean the peloton screen after every use.

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Remember that it is a touch screen, and its amazing sensitivity allows you to change and manipulate it even during your sweaty workouts.

However, cleaning the screen daily will only involve using electronics wipes (Check on Amazon) and wiping down the screen’s front to keep it clear and clean.

After a week or two, you can have a thorough cleaning of the peloton screen.

How to Clean the Peloton Screen?

How to Clean the Peloton Screen

Peloton recommends using a microfiber cloth (Check on Amazon) or towel to wipe the Peloton screen, which works without leaving any marks on the screen.

You can spray some electronic-friendly disinfectant on the washcloth when wiping the touchscreen. It helps disinfect the screen and keep it cleaner. (Check on Amazon)

You can also go for screen cleaners suitable for flat screens, touch screens, LED and LCD screens. Working with the cleaner involves spraying it directly on the screen, then wiping it down with a microfiber cloth.

Once you are done with the front screen, you should use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe the monitor and the monitor arm to ensure that you get rid of trapped dust.

Also, use the opportunity to see to it that the touchscreen is at the right angle for you or change the inclination.

Be gentle while working on the screen, because it is quite expensive to replace, in terms of money and convenience.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Peloton Screen?

The peloton screen costs 750 dollars, which is quite expensive if you think about it. Therefore, you must take proper care and maintenance of the peloton screen.

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Nevertheless, if you want to change the Peloton screen for a more recent version, you can do so at a subsidized amount.

Can Peloton Change the Old Screen for the New One?

The new screen on bike plus and treads plus has several advantages that are definitely luring even the old peloton users. These include the angle of inclination, the ability to rotate at 360 degrees, and, of course, the fact that it has better screen resolution.

So, yes. Peloton can replace your old screen for the new model at a discount, depending on the model, whether bike plus or tread plus.

Does the Peloton Screen Come Off?

Yes, it does. However, you don’t need to remove the peloton screen all the time. Keeping it on the bike or tread prevents accidents, keeping the screen safe for longer.

Does the Peloton Screen Come Off

However, if you want to move the bike or have kids moving around the studio, removing the screen after use is much safer.

Bottom Line

How to clean the peloton screen? All you need are wipes and a screen cleaner for occasional cleaning sessions. You only have to be gentle with your screen, and the maintenance procedures that you are so keen on upholding will bear the fruits of a durable screen.

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