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700 x 32c Tire in Inches? Facts to Know

How do I tell the size of a 700 x 32c tire in inches? A 700 x 32c tire should measure around 27 1/2″ by 1 ¼” or, simply put, 1.26 inches.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t appear as simple as this when it comes to bike tire sizing. It is pretty crucial to swap your bike tires with the same size to prevent any hassles.

What Should I know about a 700 x 32c Tire?

When you see 700 x 32c printed on the sidewall of your bike tire, it simply tells you the size of the tire. Still don’t understand? Well, the first number, in this case, 700, is the tire’s diameter while the other is the width of the tire.

Kindly note that these parameters are measurable in diameters. Then, the “c” connotes the French tire sizing system in use.

What should you know about the French sizing system?

Well, this is an old pattern of sizing tires. It has its range from the narrowest width to the widest. The French sizing method’s narrowest width is designated as “a” while “d” designates the widest. Thus, the c-sized tires were the most significant size to get for 700 bike wheel size (diameter).

In essence, there are various tire sizing systems, which vary across countries and tire brands. Since there is no “single” type of sizing system that folks can follow when it comes to tires, they can decide on any available systems.

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Still, some confusion arises for people who would like to convert from one sizing system to another.

What Should I Know about Swapping 700 x 32c to Inches?

Without any surprises, you should know that bicycles have tires that come in varying forms. You would find a vast difference in the size and pattern.

Bike owners can buy studded tires for their BMX bicycle and find some difference from the regular tires for children or adult bikes.

What problem lies with swapping 700 x 32c to inches? Well, when it comes to bike tires, it may not appear simple as it seems. The numbers on the sidewalls of your tires are pretty nominal.

Simply put, those figures printed on the tires do not necessarily match up to the actual bike tire’s dimension.

Why is this so?

Well, the most straightforward reason behind this could be inaccurate manufacturing processes that occur a few times. It could also be the tire’s rubber thickness that could appear less in terms of the diameter or width. Nevertheless, all that matters is the actual tire size that matches the wheel.


The right size of tires matters when it comes to the functionality of bikes. If you are trying to check the size of a 700 x 32c tire in inches, it will interest you to know that you may not get the exact size.

However, it should be around 27 1/2″ by 1 ¼”, and you can use this as a clue when changing your bike’s tire. You can learn more about the size of tires from the details in this piece.

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