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What You Need to Know About Peloton Weights: Beginner’s Guide

Do Peloton workouts need weights? What type of weights should you use in a Peloton class? Which Peloton classes use weights? These are the questions revolving around Peloton weights that you will come across daily.

Peloton combines both cardio and strength workouts, and weights come in handy when taking strength classes. From cycling to floor strength workouts to Bootcamps, Peloton has a range of workouts that you can’t manage without weights. Let’s have a glance at some of the things you need to know when incorporating dumbbells and kettlebells into your Peloton workouts.

Peloton Classes that Require Weights

Today, Peloton classes almost resemble Orangetheory workouts. I mean, when you have HIIT workouts that incorporate cardio and strength, what more do you need to bridge the gap of missing a gym HIIT workout?

Peloton equipment for cardio includes the bike and the tread, while you can use dumbbells, kettlebells, and other types of weight for the strength classes.

That being said, below are peloton classes that call for the use of weights;

  1. Strength classes
  2. Peloton bike bootcamps
  3. Peloton tread bootcamps
  4. Intervals and arms
  5. HIIT and arms

Let’s get into simplified details of each of the above;

1. Strength Classes

There are Peloton classes termed as ‘Strength Workouts,’ where you either use resistance bands or weights. Most of them use weights. Therefore, if you are up to exploring Peloton workouts exhaustively, owning a set of weights will come in handy.

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Strength classes are great for toning your muscles and building a lean body structure in most of our workout goals.

In strength classes, you may require at least three sets of weights for your light, medium, and heavy weights requirements. For a start, you can consider adjustable weights, which have different weight levels. They are suitable for all three weights workout levels.

2. Peloton Bike Bootcamps

Peloton boot camps generally refer to HIIT workouts, which combine both strength and cardio workouts. With the bike Bootcamps, you will use the bike for your cardio training.

The bike Bootcamps vary, with the shortest being 30 minutes and the longest being one hour. There is an intermediate duration class, which is 45 minutes.

Basically, a bike Bootcamp starts with a short warm-up, which is around 5 minutes. Then, you will have a serious biking session for ten to fifteen minutes, a minute to change your shoes. After that, the same duration, ten to fifteen minutes on the floor with weights.

I find bike Bootcamps most effective because you tend to utilize the whole session optimally without a trace of boredom. After all, the music is even better.

3. Peloton Tread Bootcamps

The peloton tread Bootcamp resembles that of the bike Bootcamp, only that you will use the tread for the cardio workouts instead of a bike. The best part about using the tread is that it has a wider range of workouts than the bike, making it all the more effective and interesting.

4. Intervals and Arms/ HIIT and Arms

In these workouts, you combine a spinning workout with strength workouts. You may only require light weights for these workouts, actually lighter than the lightest in all the above three.

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The workouts help tone the upper body, more especially the upper limbs while working on your glutes and abs on the bike. Essentially, the workouts will ensure that you have a comprehensive target program.

Are Peloton Weight Classes on the Peloton Digital App?

Amazingly, you don’t necessarily need a bike or a tread to access the weights classes on Peloton. The digital app, which you can download on any smart gadget, both Android and iOS, will allow you sufficient access to the classes that use weights.

If you have neither a bike nor a tread and really want to reap the benefits of a Bootcamp, you don’t have to worry. You can trade the boot camps for outdoor running, spinning, and other cardio for the cardio sections. If you are using the Peloton digital app, the subscriptions are only 12.99 dollars per month, and the first month has a welcoming free subscription.

Nevertheless, having a Peloton bike or tread is always the best option. Besides access to the workouts, you can join the Leaderboard and compete with the Peloton community and have live metrics reading. With the Peloton equipment, you will require a monthly subscription of $39. Expensive? It is worth it because other than the extra features you get, you can register more than one user with the account.

What Peloton Accessories Do You Need for Peloton Weights Classes?

You will basically need minimal accessories to get started, especially if you already have cardio equipment or options. Other than that, you will require;

  • A yoga mat (Check on Amazon)
  • Running shoes, if you have a bike. With a tread, you will use the same pair of shoes.
  • Weights (adjustable or sets of light, medium, and heavyweights).
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Best Weights for Peloton Weights Classes

You can use kettlebells, dumbbells, and adjustable weights for peloton classes. Here are a few recommendations from Amazon that you should consider;

1. Best Kettlebell and dumbbell set

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2. Best kettlebell set

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3. Best dumbells set

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Are Peloton Weights Classes Suitable for Beginners?

Many of us will shudder at the thought of a weights class. However, Peloton has weights classes that vary in levels to suit every user. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced classes that you can choose your most suitable from.

Which is the Most Effective Peloton Weights Class?

Do you have short-term goals that are really demanding? The best weights classes here are the boot camps, which ensure that you sweat profusely. Whether you are using a bike, a tread, or other cardio workouts, these HIIT workouts will ensure that you shed the most calories.

In a Nutshell;

There are several weight classes for you to try, and the best part is that you always have a choice. The Bootcamp instructors are also increasing so that you can have a class with your favorite. All you need for a start is a set of weights, and I can’t wait for you to join the crew!

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