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Are Peloton Shoes True to Size?

Are peloton shoes true to size? This is a question I always came across whenever I did a research on the best shoes for peloton bike. But this did not hit me hard until I underwent an ordeal spinning with smaller shoes. this made me realize how very important having a comfortable shoe in a timed workout really meant.

One thing is obvious, and that is, your peloton shoes should fit snug. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your toes should not have breathing space. No, you need shoes that will make you forget that you even have shoes on, so that you can concentrate on the major goal- the workout.

Peloton Shoes Are True to Size

Yes! Based on reviews from most customers and the description of the shoe, I would confidently say that peloton brand shoes are true to size. However, this is only a case for users with standard feet, and probably bending towards narrow.

Peloton shoes for men range between 44 to 48, while those that are women sizes range between 36 to 39, all in US sizes. If you understand European sizes, this will translate to 10.5 to 13.5 for men sizes and 5 to 8 for the women. Quite a small range, right?

But there’s more. There are unisex shoes available, hailing between 40 to 43, that is size 9 to 12 for women and men’s size 7 to 10. Still not convinced? Just as I thought.

In that case, we all agree that peloton shoe sizes have a minimal range. However, if your feet tend towards narrow, these are the perfect shoes for you.

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Do Peloton Shoes Run Small or Big?

Let’s see; if your feet are really narrow, any standard shoe fits big, right? As for peloton, if your feet are really narrow, you will still be comfortable.

If your feet are in standard sizes, then the fit will be ideal. For larger feet, you may have to size up a size or half a size. Fortunately for you, peloton offers sizes even in halves, which is a big deal for some of us.

Did you know that peloton shoes don’t necessarily have to be peloton brand shoes? With such freedom, you can actually get shoes that will be most suitable for you in terms of size. Not only will you have better cost-effective shoes, but you also get a chance to cycle peloton with your exact fit.

The most affected group of people is that with wide feet, which make it difficult to get the right shoe sizes. Ever been in a position where you size up, but just end up with longer shoes that still don’t fit your feet? This is a common predicament among people with wide feet.

Nevertheless, with shoes like Tommaso Strada 200 and Sidi Genius 7 Mega shoes among others, there is a light. You get the opportunity to enjoy a spinning session without feeling like you wish your legs were slightly smaller.

Therefore, in this regard, peloton shoes may run small or large, but this is basically based on your individual feet size.

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Peloton Shoe Size/ Sizing Chart

With the freedom that peloton offers with shoes Peloton shoe sizing has become something not to worry about.

When you may not get your shoe size with peloton brand, you can scan through other brands for your best sizing.

If peloton shoes are still larger for you, despite others thinking that they are narrow, you can source for brands such as Tommaso for Strada 100, which is quite narrow.

On the other hand, peloton compatible shoes that are wide are widely in the market. Check out our list of the most outstanding peloton shoes for wide feet.

Women’s Shoes SizeMen’s Shoes Size
36 EU = 5 US40 EU = 7 US
37 EU = 6 US41 EU = 8 US
38 EU = 7 US42 EU = 9 US
39 EU = 8 US43 EU = 10 US
40 EU = 9 US44 EU = 10.5 US
41 EU = 10 US45 EU = 11 US
42 EU = 11 US46 EU = 12 US
43 EU = 12 US47 EU = 13 US
N/A48 EU = 13.5 US
Peloton Shoes Sizing Chart

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How Should Peloton Shoes Fit?

Peloton shoes should fit snug, but they should leave space for breathability. I mean, with the heat that you are bound to emanate during a whole spinning session, your feet don’t deserve to be more uncomfortable.

Taking you back a bit, if peloton brand shoes are not fit for your feet size, then get peloton compatible shoes from other competitive brands. You will be surprised how the performance suits your peloton spinning needs, just as though they were made for each other. Actually, Exustar has rebranded peloton shoes (reddit) and offer them at cheaper costs, but they are still the peloton shoes that peloton brand offers.

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Do You Really Need the Peloton Shoes?

Not exactly. While it could be possible to get other brands with peloton shoes, it is not necessary to have the shoes at all. Not convinced?

You can use regular non-cycling shoes on a peloton bike, as long as you use toe cages. Toe cages on your bike save you from the struggle of having to go through peloton shoe sizing in a hurry. You can simply use your tennis shoes while you get your perfect peloton spinning shoes.

How Do I Know What Size Cycling Shoes to Buy?

Use your normal shoe sizing when looking for cycling shoes. If you are not sure, you can get your shoe measurements.

With a standard foot, all standard shoe sizes will work. However, with feet that are in the extremes, you will have to consider the shoe brand too. It is also essential that you make enquiries if not completely sure. Checking out for customer reviews may also come in handy.

Bottom Line

Shoes are one of the simplest items you can buy, or so we think. But this is not until you get a shoe that your feet barely get into, or one that your feet simply slide in as you walk.

With the joy of finally getting a peloton bike, you don’t want to short -live the excitement simply by messing with shoe sizing, right? Fortunately for you, you have so many exciting options to choose from.

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