Peloton Rowing Machine Could be Next on Line

Peloton rowing machines are rumors that fill the air occasionally since 2019, and two years down the line have not made it better. After all, a Peloton insider has been quoted saying that a piece of equipment in process features a codename Mazu. This name implies a Chinese water goddess, right?

The good news is that we now have a more precise indication about Peloton’s plan for a rower. We can now pin some truth into the rumor thanks to the Android features that uncoded on the Peloton app. And there’s more;

Peloton Rowing Machine

Weirdly, Peloton never announced in an official meeting that they would release a rowing machine. Regardless, there is still hope that this could be next.

We have a few indicators pointing to the possibility that Peloton considers a rowing machine as its following equipment. Let’s have a look at these tips;

Peloton Rower Tips on Peloton Android App

Recently, Peloton updated its Android app. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to keep updating apps on their phones and gadgets, this came with a token. Version 1.0.331270 came with updates that included instructions for an indoor rowing machine.

It had instructions for the four-stroke positions on a rower as follows;

  • The starting position of the stroke: you need to sit tall, with your back upright while the arms sit straight. Then, the knees should be slightly above the ankles.
  • You will sit tall on the rower for the drive position, with your back upright and arms straight. Just as with the starting position, the knees should remain slightly above the ankles.
  • In the final position, again, you will sit upright with your arms straight. As usual, your knees will stay slightly above their respective ankles.
  • Finally, there is the recovery position of the stroke. Sit tall on the rower, and your arms should be straight while your back is upright. The knees will sit slightly above the knees.

There is definitely no way that these instructions would be for a bike or a tread. Of all the other gym equipment, the rower fits best in the description. Besides, there are a few mentions of the name rower.

Other than that, the in-app text continues with a text that is difficult to comprehend. However, using a Caesar Cipher, unwrapped the actual meaning of the texts. They represent the ‘Just Ride’ and ‘Just Run’ options for the Peloton bike and tread, respectively, but this time for another piece of equipment.

However, the equipment had two codes, Caesar and Mazu. I imagine that they are looking forward to the most appropriate name for the rower. Or rather, the ‘Just Ride’ rower feature name.

Despite this clear indication, Peloton management insists that it is an interesting guess, but they are yet to come up with new equipment.

Peloton Advert

Peloton in July announced a job vacancy in their Peloton Connected Devices department. Sadly, the job posting was deleted before it could catch many people’s attention. However, a stolen excerpt reveals that Peloton had mentioned the three pieces of equipment that the job will revolve; bikes, treads, and rowers.

While all other guesses are mere guesses with no Peloton back-up, this advert was actually from Peloton. Therefore, it was almost obvious that Peloton has a rower up its sleeve.

Other previous indications that Peloton is up for a rower include the following;

Peloton Rowing Machine Could be Next on Line

Before they released the bike plus, everyone hoped that the next would be a rowing machine with the tread and the bike already available. However, this was a disappointment when Peloton released a new, more advanced bike in the market.

Then there was the announcement that there would be a cheaper tread, which did not take long. Today, we have a tread that goes for only $2495, and you don’t need over $4000 to own one.

Quite disappointing for rower lovers who are Peloton die-hards, right?

But what triggered people’s thoughts that Peloton would release a rower someday anyway?

John Foley’s  Announcement in 2018

John Foley, Peloton’s CEO, announced that Peloton would bring a piece of new equipment to the market. Sadly for those hopeful, the rower was in mind, the bike plus was released. To add salt into the wound, the Peloton tread plus was next in line.

However, when Jill Woolworth was asked about the machine in mind after the bike plus, she did not refute whether it was a rower.

Peloton’s Mystery Studio

Peloton has a single studio for each individual workout. The two have to fit in the bike and tread studios, respectively, despite the new bike and the new tread. After all, the workouts are the same regardless of which bike or tread you use.

Other than the bike and the tread workout studios, Peloton owns a yoga studio. Then there is another studio, whose equipment Peloton has not brought to light. However, it could be elliptical, but with all other points po9inting to a rower, the rower is the most likely equipment.

The Rowing Machine Patent

Tonic Exercise Technology has been manufacturing Peloton equipment from the bike to the tread plus. The company has applied for a rowing machine patent, which was thankfully successful.

Applying for a patent calls for a long process that is costly, hence only left to serious companies. Since Peloton owns the company, this could mean that the rower in the process is a Peloton!

Have you also heard of This is a website that is not yet active; it redirects users to Peloton’s official site. With the name towing ‘row,’ there are speculations that it could be the potential site for the Peloton rower.

Pressure from Potential Customers

The fact that Peloton rower rumors are raising excitement and heat is an indication that it is a marketable piece of equipment for Peloton. After all, not everyone is for the bike or the tread, despite appreciating Peloton. But if they could have a low-intensity workout deal such as a rower, it could significantly boost business and fanbase.

After all, if Peloton doesn’t take up this opportunity, others are.  Actually, they already are, using the advantage over the Peloton. Peloton has the upper hand due to the live and on-demand classes, and it knows it. Does it want sole reign in its fans’ gyms? Who doesn’t! So, who knows; it could just utilize the opportunity even when they did not have it in mind.

Insider Rumours

Remember the insider rumor I mentioned earlier? There was a tip about the name Mazu representing a piece of new equipment that Peloton is building. It is a Chinese name that refers to the waters, and the equipment resembling a piece of water equipment in the indoor workouts is the rower.

Some people claim that friends and relatives working in Peloton tipped them of the possibility of a rower. While this remains a rumor due to the two consequent equipment released while still waiting for the rower, fans are still hopeful.

Final Thoughts

Peloton rowing machine? This remains a mystery, as Peloton has not confirmed it yet. However, after upgrading both of Peloton’s equipment, it may be the next big thing in the company. Let’s just wait, as only time will clear the air.

After all, the pressure is already too much even if Peloton doesn’t plan on the rower. Their fans want it, and they will find it compelling and good business to satisfy their customer base. I am excited to witness this actualization!

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