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5 Best Peloton Yoga Mats: Is it Worth?

Before starting your yoga classes, you need the best yoga mat that fits the kind of style you’ll be doing. A yoga mat ensures you’ve got a stable base giving you enough time to focus on your sessions.

However, when considering the type of mat to buy, it’s advisable to go one suitable that’s for all kinds of yoga. These yoga mats should have a good grip, cushioning, be durable and washable.

But this doesn’t limit you to your preferred mat, depending on the design and other features. To enable you to choose the best mat with great features that meet your demand, here’s a list to choose from.

Best Peloton Yoga Mat

1. Liforme Happiness Yoga Mat

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You can have a better yoga experience with the Liforme happiness mat. It has beautiful colors and designs, making it stand out from the rest. This mat holds firmly on the surface, enabling you to change styles with ease. It has a revolutionary alignment system that protects you from injuries while enjoying the yoga sessions.

These yoga mats are made of eco-friendly, durable materials that will ensure our planet is clean. Its dimensions are 72.83 by 26.77 by 0.17 inches, giving you enough space to practice. It weighs 2.5 kg, is 4.2mm thick, and is easy to clean It allows you to use it for indoor and outdoor activities.


  • It’s large
  • It’s strong and durable
  • It’s comfortable and offers good grip and cushioning
  • It can withstand sweat/ wetness and maintain its slip resistance.
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  • It’s not lightweight
  • It requires hand washing only

2. Reetual The Yoga Mat

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Enjoy using this yoga mat for your sweaty workout sessions and see how great it maintains its grip. The micro-grip eco yoga mat will enable you to have ample time every day while providing great cushioning. It is also smooth, making your hands comfortable while enduring the long sessions. The best thing about Reetual is that it increases its gripping as moisture increases which is good for an intense workout with many style changes.

This mat comes in 12 anti-fade bespoke designs giving you a variety to choose from. The eco-friendly mat doesn’t roll or curl as you use it and contains no harmful materials. Its 70 by 24 inches long and 3.5mm thick and has a strap that enables you to carry it to different places.


  • It can withstand sweat
  • It comes in different designs
  • It’s soft thick, and comfortable to use
  • It’s reversible


  • It’s expensive

3. Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

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This is one of the best yoga mats that will give you ample time during the workout session. The mat is lightweight with 6 mm thickness. It’s strong and durable with additional cushioning, which protects your joints from strain. It has a sticky non-slip texture that holds firm on the ground giving you time to focus on your workout goals. The material this mat is made of is safe and high quality, making it serve you longer.

The PVC mat doesn’t contain DBP, DEHP, BBP, DIDP, DNOP, making it non-toxic. This mat’s dimensions are 68 by 24 inches, weigh 3.4 lbs., and have a thickness of 6mm. You can get your preferred color and design but ensure you air it before use.


  • It’s durable with additional cushioning for the joints
  • It’s lightweight
  • It has a non-slip surface and comes in many colors and patterns
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  • It produces a very strong smell when still new

4. Balancefrom Goyoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

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If you like your yoga mat with double cushioning, this is the best choice to go for. It comprises high-quality thick foam material that protects your spine, knees, hips, and other vital joints during exercise. This yoga mat is lightweight, enabling you to carry it to any place with ease. Its double-sides non-slip surface holds firm on the surface, allowing you to concentrate.

It’s moisture-resistant, meaning sweat won’t penetrate through it, and you won’t have challenges cleaning it as it’s easy to do so. The adjustable straps will help you carry it around with ease. It measures 24 by 6 by 6 inches, weighs 0.8 pounds, and has a thickness of 0.5 decimeters.


  • It’s lightweight
  • Its double-sided non-slip surface
  • Its moisture resistant
  • It holds firmly on surfaces


  • It’s not durable or strong
  • It’s not much stable

5. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

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If you want a yoga mat to use on your carpet, consider the Manduka pro yoga mat. It has a super grit surface that holds firm on the carpet’s surface. It’s 6mm thick and can be used anywhere at home, office, or studio. You can also use this mat for other activities like Pilates, barre, or fitness aficionado.

It provides high support and great cushioning, ensuring you’re comfortable during workouts. This yoga mat will last longer as it’s made of quality materials and helps conserve the environment as it’s emissions-free. It has a closed-cell surface which discourages bacteria growth and sweat accumulation. Since it’s a long mat, you can comfortably change styles without fear of landing on the ground. You can get the 71 inches long or 85 inches long Manduka pro mat and enjoy yoga workouts.


  • It’s long, giving you enough workout space
  • It holds perfectly on the surface
  • It’s thick and comfortable
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  • It’s a heavy mat
  • It becomes slippery when wet

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 What To Consider Before Buying a Mat for Peloton Yoga

The cell types

Open-cell mats have great traction but limit the type of exercise you can do with them. This is because it allows sweat and moisture penetration which can encourage bacterial growth. The closed-cell mats are anti-sweat and moisture but with less traction.

The material it’s made of

Another thing you need to look at is the kind of material the yoga mat is made of. There are those made of eco-friendly materials like natural rubber or synthetic materials like PVC. Yoga PVC mats are easy to clean and last longer; however, the rubber mats provide great traction.

The mat’s thickness

A thick mat makes you comfortable around your joints and improves their stability preventing unnecessary movements while you’re fully engaged with exercise. If you can afford the double-layer yoga mats, it’s better as you’ll have an easy time with them.


A larger yoga mat gives enough room for exercising for both tall and short people. To know which mat size is ideal for you, test its length. Do this by doing a downward-facing dog style with both hands and legs on the mat. If you don’t touch the edges, it’s the right size for you.


Which method should I use to clean a yoga mat?

This depends on the type of mat you’ve got. Some require machine washing while others need hand washing only.

Where can I get the best mat for peloton yoga?

These mats are available in various online shops but buy them from trusted vendors only.