Is Peloton Safe for Your Kids?

Surprisingly, Peloton is safe for children. In fact, Peloton has improved its fantastic classes by introducing Family Classes. Sessions are kid-friendly even for those with young children (as young as three)!

There are Peloton classes for the whole family, despite the fact that the Peloton cycle and treadmill have age, height, and weight restrictions that prevent younger children from using them.

All members of the family, regardless of age or fitness level, are welcome to participate in the family classes offered by Peloton. Classes may be found on the Peloton app, and neither a bike nor a treadmill is necessary to participate. Surprisingly, kids as young as three can join in on the fun at these programs.

Can kids use the Peloton bike?

Both “yes” and “no” are acceptable answers to the questions “Can kids use Peloton?” and “Can kids ride Peloton.” Although there aren’t really any classes just for children, there are Peloton family classes. These can be found on the app and are intended to be completed as a family. Classes in the Peloton family do not use a bike or a Tread.

Additionally, I predict that more children and teenagers will want to start using your Peloton bike after the release of Peloton Lanebreak, a video game on the Peloton bike tablet. Lanebreak has been compared to Guitar Hero by those who have played the video game.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Ride a Peloton bike?

You have to be 14 years old to ride a Peloton bike. At this age, most kids will be over 4’11”, which is the minimum height for comfortably riding a bike. Besides that, 14-year-olds will usually be old enough to ride safely without adult supervision.

However, some daring parents still have their kids on the Peloton bike even before they are 14. Some of the kids are as young as 5 years, though tall enough to get to the pedals. However, this should be under very close parental supervision.

Can Kids Run on the Peloton Tread?

Kids cannot run under the Peloton treadmill until they are 16 years old. Peloton recommends 16 as the minimum age on the treadmill, which is lower than the age allowed on the Peloton bike. I guess this has to do with the risk of accidents on the tread being more likely than on the bike.

In case you want your younger child or teenager on the treadmill, ensure that it is under close supervision. Given the Peloton tread’s circumstances, it would be best for the kids to avoid it altogether. 

Actually, today, the Peloton treads have a code that you have to enter for it to operate. The company recommends that you keep the code away from the kids. After all, Peloton took this security measure to protect kids from treadmill accidents, which were becoming more common, especially with the tread plus.

In addition to the security measures, even kids that are 16 years have to be 105 pounds and above as per the Peloton safety manual.

And while it’s really tempting to give in to your overly ambitious little one, remember the cliche’ prevention is better than cure.’

Peloton Tread and Safety for Kids

The Peloton tread and treadmill plus sales were recalled in 2021 after the realization that they posed a risk to users. This was after a bit of child was reported dead after interfering with the tread plus.

The main reason behind the recall was to ensure that the treadmills were safe for use without leaving the responsibility solely to the user. As a result, the cheaper treadmill was back in the market within a few months, while the tread plus was yet to be.

Amazingly, the treadmill now features security features that ensure the safety of your kids and pets alike. 

Here are the features added on the Peloton treadmill;

1. The safety key. 

The treadmill remains inactive with the safety key until you clip in the key. Therefore, even if kids accidentally climbed onto the tread or tried pressing the buttons, the treadmill would remain inactive.

You will simply unlock the treadmill with the safety key when you want to work out on the treadmill. And once you are through with the workout, you should always remove the key from the lock and keep it safe.

Whenever you remove the key during the workout, even by accident, the treadmill will come to a sudden stop, an added safety measure.

Always ensure that the key is away from the reach of children, which will protect them from the temptation to try it on the treadmill.

2. Tread Lock

On top of the safety lock, the Peloton tread features a tread lock passcode. Your passcode should only be available to the adults in the house, and your kids should not learn it.

Even if you forgot the safety key on the treadmill, the second safety measure would be difficult to pass. Thus, unauthorized access to the treadmill is limited as long as the passcode is unknown.

Securing Your Peloton Bike from your Kids

While the Peloton treadmill has a couple of safety features that keep children away, the Peloton bike has none. Therefore, you have to devise ways to ensure that your kids are safe from the Peloton bike.

More often than not, the bike risk involves the bike falling on the kid or the kid getting caught up in running pedals. The good news is that you can easily prevent this from happening to your child.

Let’s have a look at a few protective measures you should take on the Peloton bike;

  1. First off, ensure that you always leave your resistance at 100. Hence, always rotate your resistance knob all the way to the right and leave it at that. It will help with the pedals staying stationary as long as the resistance is at its maximum.
  2. Secondly, keep your bike tethered to a stronger stronghold in the house.  This is more so when you have kids who could pull or push the bike, leading to a fall. Talking of a push, whenever possible, ensure that the bike stays closer to the wall whenever it is not in use, which also makes it hard to fall.
  3. Finally, you can lock it if you have a separate studio or Peloton bike room. Either keep the key to the room away from the children or get a smart lock fixed with a password only known to authorized persons.

Peloton Classes for Kids: Peloton Family Workouts

The safety issues notwithstanding, Peloton has classes that kids can participate in and find helpful. Most importantly, these classes do not even require you to use the peloton equipment. 

Actually, they have named the family workouts because the whole family can participate in the workouts without equipment limitations.

So, what are the Peloton family classes?

1. Fit Family Fun

Fit Family Fun is suitable for kids who are 5 years old and above. Available in the cardio section, the classes involve strength training that incorporates cardio training.

Basically, all the Fit Family Fun classes are 15 minutes, within which the child will sweat without much strain. The kids are able to channel their excess energy in the classes and are a constructive inclusion to their screen time.

2. Fit Family Strong

Fit Family Strong classes are longer than the Fit Family Fun at 20 minutes each. They are recommended for children who are 10 years and older, and the classes are perfect for shedding for both the adults and the kids in the house.

You will find the classes in the on-demand cardio category on Peloton.

The classes involve both cardio and strength training, which encompasses the basic physical exercises that even the kid will handle without negatively impacting their health.

For kids who are obese or trying to lose weight, a combination of Fit Family Strong and a controlled diet should work wonders.

3. Fit Family Brain Breaks

You will find Fit Family Brain Breaks in the cardio section. I call these classes Brain Teasers, and Jess Sims calls them Think Quick. Although they are only 5 minutes long, they are technically Breaks.

Brain Breaks are more of stretches and suitable for kids who are five years and above.

You can incorporate Brain Breaks in your family break sessions, especially when the whole Family is home on holiday. Take the classes to rejuvenate your brain, allowing it to process something quickly or obey quick commands.

Most importantly, the classes allow you time to exercise in the midst of a busy schedule for everyone in the house. You can stretch, make moves and exercise enough to be ready for the next busy session.

4. Fit Family Flow: Kids

Fit Family Flow, which is under Peloton yoga, is suitable for kids between ages 3 and 9. So does it mean that I can train my 3-year-old yoga? Absolutely! 

Essentially, all the classes last 20 minutes. They involve conscious moves and kid-loving play. They can explore yoga poses and moves while the environment is child-friendly and playful in nature.

You can take the yoga classes with your kid(s), or you can leave them to try the instructions on their own. You will be surprised at the interest to try something they only see adults doing. Better still, find out that they can manage, and the classes more interesting than their imagination.

5. Fit Family Flow: Tweens

The 20-minute Peloton Fit Family, Flow for tweens classes, is suitable for kids who are 9 years and above. 

Here, the kids can learn the actual building blocks of yoga and manage a mind and body connection. As a result, they are able to maintain a real concentration for some time during specific poses.

The main goal behind the tweens classes is to help the kids nurture confidence, self-esteem, self-love, and inner strength. Usually, this is difficult for kids, especially teenagers, who struggle with identity crises. The classes will help them manage without falling apart or giving in to peer pressure.

Taking the Fit Family Flow classes with your ‘tweens’ will also help them open up to you whenever they have issues, given that it is a great bonding activity.

6. Family Meditations

Family meditations are suitable for all ages in the household. They also last between 5 to 10 minutes and allow family bonding experiences.

Each member of the Family is able to think about how privileged they are to be in the Family and appreciate other family members as well. They also get the peace they need for a good sleep or a bright day ahead, feeling grateful and generally happy.

How to Find Family Workout Classes on Peloton

Family workout classes on Peloton are spread among cardio, yoga, and meditation classes. We will get into each category, with a couple of classes in each to get you started;

You can use the ‘Family’ filter on Peloton cardio classes to get the following options;

Fit Family Fun: 5 years +

Examples include;

  1. 15 Minutes Fit Family Fun with Jess Sims: 9/30/2021
  2. 15 minutes Fit Family Fun with Jess Sims: 4/3/2020

Fit Family Strong: 10 years +

Examples include;

  1. 20 min Fit Family Strong with Jess Sims: 12/28/2020
  2. 20 min Fit Family Strong with Jess Sims: 12/14/2020

Fit Family Brain Breaks: 5 years +

Examples include; 

  1. Fit Family Brain Breaks: 12/28/2020
  2. Fit Family Brain Breaks: 12/14/2020

Two yoga options engage kids, which are split into two based on age appropriateness;

Fit Family Flow: Kids: 3 to 9 years 

Examples are;

  1. Fit Family Flow: Kids with Kristin McGee: 7/28/20
  2. Fit Family Flow: Kids with Kristin McGee: 7/28/20

Fit Family Flow: Tweens: 9 + years

Examples are;

  1. Fit Family Flow: Tweens with Kristin McGee: 7/28/20
  2. Fit Family Flow: Tweens with Kristin McGee: 7/28/20

Finally, there are meditation classes geared towards family meditation and bonding sessions. There is only one option, which is suitable for all ages;

Family Meditations

Examples are;

  1. 5 Min Family Meditation with Anna Greenberg: 7/28/2020
  2. 5 Min Family Meditation with Chelsea Jackson: 7/28/2020

Are There Other children-friendly Classes Besides the Family Class?

Yes, other classes on Peloton are children-friendly, which are not in the family category. 

Some kids are in sports in school, which requires practicing and exercising more. Therefore, family classes may not be enough for their practice.

Filtering classes, that are appropriate for Peloton kids?

The best option is the beginner difficulty filter, which has exercises that are not strenuous for kids. You can also consider intermediate classes for kids who are 14 years and older, and who can handle the pressure.

However, you may have to consider asking for recommendations on the Peloton Official Facebook page. The peloton Moms page is also nice, especially since all the members are parents.

Alternatively, you will have to watch the whole class to ensure that explicit language is not used in the class. Then, bookmark the classes that you find child-friendly so that your child can take them.

Safety Tips when for Peloton Kids

While its all fun and merry to have your kid exercise on Peloton, the following measures will make the experience safe for the kids;

  • First, ensure that there is enough space for the Family when taking a family exercise. Keep furniture and other stuff away to create sufficient space for you all. Enough space prevents falling off, tripping over stuff, and stepping on each other.
  • Whenever possible, take the classes from the TV. The TV is undoubtedly the largest screen in the house and is visible from every corner of the room. Therefore, it will allow a more convenient family workout.
  • Take the classes from the digital app as opposed to the bike or treadmill screen if possible. It is more flexible to watch from a TV than a tablet fixed on the fitness equipment.
  • Ensure that the younger kids who cannot participate and the pets stay away, which will keep them safe.
  • Always supervise the workouts, especially when very young kids are involved.

Best Instructors for Young Children on Peloton

The instructors in family classes are the best for children. They understand their language, feelings, and, most surprisingly, the kid movies and characters. Therefore, they have become the most popular among young kids. 

These instructors include, among others; 

  1. Jess Sims
  2. Kristin McGee
  3. Chelsea Jackson
  4. Anna Greenberg

There are also other instructors whose language is not explicit hence suitable for kids. But, more often than not, these are the instructors you expose your kids to and the instructors they grow to love. 

Other than the above, these instructors are;

  1. Denis Morton
  2. Hannah Corbin
  3. Matt Wilpers
  4. Ross Rayburn
  5. Kirra Michel
  6. Aditi Shah

Popular Classes with Young Riders

Your young girl or boy will definitely love the family classes on Peloton. Even if they are named Family, they are actually geared towards appealing to the younger kids. The music, the jokes, and even the motivation are for the young children. Therefore, these are the classes that are most popular with young children.

Other than the family classes, kids tend to bend towards any class with pop music. It is more appealing to them, hence always a kids-catcher.

Kids also love the new Lanebreak Peloton game classes, especially for the older kids who can ride the bike. It is actually addictive, though a nice way of having them work out harder and longer.

Kids Bike Alternative to Peloton Bike

Now that younger children may not ride on the Peloton bike, what alternative is there? With the emergence of the Peloton bike and the customization of the indoor fitness industry came a solution for the kids as well.

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There are mini spin bikes in the market today, which kids can use for their ‘Peloton’ experience. An outstanding example is the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle. It comes with a touchscreen that allows kids to play, drive, and race, hence real spinning experiences. Besides, the kids’ bike is way less expensive than a typical spin bike.

If your kid already has an outdoor bike, you can also modify the bike into a spin bike. I saw a Peloton user on Facebook trap the training wheels to remain still despite the peddling. 

With either of the above choices, your kid can ride with you on your Peloton while they are on their ‘spin bike.’ You can keep a close eye on them as they are close to you. You will also train your kids to spin a stationary bike without risking them on a real Peloton bike. Over and above that, they will not be a distraction to your class as they will have their own distraction.


Can my whole family use Peloton?

Yes, your whole family can use the Peloton platform. There are family classes that are suitable for children as young as 3 years. On the other hand, children who are 14 years and older can ride the bike, while 16-year-olds can run on the treadmill.

Is a Peloton bike safe around kids?

Yes and no. The Peloton bike is safe around kids as long as the resistance is turned all the way to the right and the bike is tethered to a post.

On the other hand, keeping the kids and pets away from the bike is the best assurance you have of safety. It prevents the rise of ideas you probably didn’t see coming.

What is Peloton Family?

Peloton Family are classes on the Peloton platform in which the whole family can participate, except the toddlers. The classes are less strenuous, the language fun and the music children-friendly.

Is the Peloton treadmill safe now?

Yes, the Peloton treadmill on sale now is safe. It has a safety key and a passcode lock, which prevent kids and other unauthorized people and pets from running the treadmill.

Which is better for younger kids; the Peloton bike or the treadmill?

The Peloton bike is better for younger kids than the Peloton treadmill. This is because the bike has a younger age limit than the tread, 14 years. One must be 16 years and older to be allowed on the treadmill. Besides, the bike is generally safer for kids than the treadmill due to its structural design, which limits accidents.

Wrapping Up

Can kids use Peloton? Yes, they can. However, Peloton recommends an age limit for the Peloton bikes and treadmills for safety measures. Therefore, only kids over 14 years should be on the Peloton bike, and kids 16 years and above can run on the treadmill.

However, the Peloton Family classes have a lower bar for the age of the kids. There are even classes for kids as young as three years. Therefore, you can now engage every person in the house that is not a toddler on Peloton. As a result, you will gain the benefits of bonding and Family health and fitness.