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All about Denis Morton: Peloton Instructor

Even though Denis Morton didn’t have some privileges growing up in Florida, he’s beaten all the odds to become a Peloton instructor. His 14 years of experience in fitness leadership and athletics background have helped him advance his career. He uses the experience to make his workout sessions at the Peloton enjoyable by including music and personal experience.

The 42 years old instructor never had the chance to watch TV while growing but is currently on various Peloton TVs preaching fitness journey. Before becoming one of the best yoga instructors at Peloton, Denis had to ensure challenges like losing his house to a hurricane and doing several jobs to cope.

However, Denis’s fitness journey foundation was after discovering yoga and wanted to try it at the age of 22. After doing yoga for 16 months every day, he started cycling before joining the Peloton as an instructor.

Denis Morton: Hometown, Height, Net Worth, Profession, Birthday, Instagram, Biography, and More

Full Name/ Real NameDenis Morton
Birthplace/ Home TownBorn in Florida
Age42 years
Birth SignN/A
Height5 feet 10 inches
Diet/Eating Habit/ Favorite FoodsN/A
His HeroDad
LikesPlaying guitar, reading historical nonfiction, weight lifting, watch college football, and stamp passports
Education (School/College/UniversityTennessee school, college football, and aerial acrobatics
Marital StatusMarried (no information about the spouse’s name)
Children/ BabyN/A
Current ProfessionPeloton instructor
Previous ProfessionFootball, surfs, acrobatics, snowboards, massage therapist
Notable BooksThe prophet and the power of myth
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Net WorthBetween $1-$5 million
Disease DiagnosedN/A
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Denis Morton Early Life

Denis was born in central Florida and stayed with his family before moving to California. While growing up, he could do surfing around his dad’s neck and body. Their family didn’t have a TV or electricity, but he enjoyed playing sports and games or climbing trees with his brother. After reaching 22 years, he started doing yoga, something that was challenging but fun. But he worked hard and managed to do yoga daily for 16 months and later into cycling and athletics. In 2004 the hurricane swept away the roof of his home. This made him migrate to Los Angeles, where he got yoga and cycling classes.   

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Denis Morton Career Boost

In 2005 while attending a wedding, he decided to stay and establish his career in fitness. Denis taught at Soulcycle NYC, a Boutique Spin studio in Texas that made him advance e his career. However, his career turning point came in June 2017 while in New York. He says this to him was like going from a small-town preacher to a televangelist overnight. The good year saw him host themed rides with the 80’s rock and country music. The opportunity has seen Denis grow from a cyclist instructor to one of the popular yoga instructors.

Denis Morton Journey as a Fitness Instructor at Peloton

Denis is both a cyclist and a yoga instructor at Peloton, something he’s been doing for more than 3 years. As a biker, he believes the bike gives individuals a chance to reclaim natural athleticism, even if it means doing it for a few minutes daily. Being on the bike helps you renew your self-image and awakening the dormant athleticism in you.

While speaking as a new yoga instructor, Denis says He believes that his 10 years’ experience will help members feel better in their skin. He says, “Speaking yoga again feels like waking up an old language.”

According to Denis, yoga has allowed him to pay attention to what he brings to the mat considering the choices he made throughout the day, something he’d like Peloton members to feel.

His yoga sessions take between 20-30 minutes, and he believes this time can bring small changes which result in big impacts if you allow. Denis also believes yoga can help members in mobility to clip back into the bike and get changes in their cycling and trad performance.

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However, he notes that his teaching style is more of ‘supportive demanding’ as his main aim is to see his members feel more empowered and hungrier.

Denis Morton Training Style

Denis Morton Training Style

Denis uses music and personal stories to help him relate better with his class worldwide. He says he wants to inspire people to explore their capabilities using his guidance and experience.  

Denis Morton family and relationships

Although Denis doesn’t share much information about his family, he’s currently married. But there’s no information about the partner or kids. The information about his parents is also not clear, but he mentions his dad as his hero.

Bottom Line

Denis Morton is a yoga instructor at Peloton who wants to help his members explore their capabilities through his guidance and experience. He wants to make everyone to be comfortable in their skin and follow his supportive advice.