Peloton Resistance Band Workout: 5 Best on-demand classes

Does Peloton have resistance band workouts? Yes, it does. Peloton offers resistance band classes under the strength training workouts on the on-demand section. Currently, there are not yet any live Peloton resistance band workouts.

As of November 2021, there are 23 on-demand resistance band classes on Peloton. But, more amazingly, they are not the only option you have with resistance bands on Peloton. So, shall we dive into classes you can use with resistance bands on Peloton, among other interesting facts about resistance band workout classes?

Are There Resistance Band Classes on Peloton?

Yes, Peloton has over 20+ on-demand classes dedicated to resistance band training. Moreover, the instructors in the classes are among your favorite jovial instructors on Peloton. These are Hanna Corbin, Andy Speer, and Chase Tucker.

Furthermore, the classes vary in duration. There are 5-minute resistance band classes for your warm-up. Then, some classes last [10 minutes, others 15 minutes, and the longest last 20 minutes.

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5 Best Peloton Resistance band Classes

There is an urge that comes with owning a piece of workout equipment or accessory to use it. I know it because it is the reason I started using resistance bands in the first place. The good thing is that I actually like what I did.

Basically, Peloton resistance classes are in four categories;

  • Full-body workouts
  • Lower body/ legs and glutes workouts
  • Upper body workouts
  • Core workouts

Therefore, you have all the sections you need to improve in fitness covered. Better still, all the three instructors have a class in at least two of each of these categories. So, want a different taste of music, a different instructor experience, or a given duration? You have a choice with the resistance band workouts Peloton.

I have managed at least 15 resistance band classes. Using my experience and testimonials on Peloton platforms, I have come up with a list of the five best resistance band classes on Peloton that everyone should try;

1. Best for Recovery: 10 Minutes Resistance Bands (Upper Body) with Andy Speer

10 Minutes Resistance Bands (Upper Body) with Andy Speer

When looking for resistance band workouts during recovery, this class is a winner. It is slow yet very effective. It also lasts a concise time, hence will not impact much on your body.

Therefore, if the kettlebells and dumbbells are off the limit for you to give your body time to recover, this workout will work for you.

Moreover, you will love the music in the class. It is relatively fast and fascinating that it drives you to immerse in music and helps forget any pain or stress you may be going through. I’d say it also acts as a mental therapy session.

2. Best for Legs: 10 Minutes Resistance Bands with Chase Tucker (Glutes and Legs)

10 Minutes Resistance Bands with Chase Tucker (Glutes and Legs)

The best part about resistance bands is that you can use them for any part of your body. Now, you could use this class with Chase Tucker when your concentration is on the glutes, hamstrings, and calf strengthening. In addition, it takes a short time, 10 minutes, so that you can incorporate it in your other workouts. 

Better still, it is a go-for-class when you are in a hurry but has to make an impact on your legs that crave an athletic outlook.

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3. Best for the Core: Hannah Corbin’s 15 Minutes Resistance Bands: Core

Hannah Corbin’s 15 Minutes Resistance Bands: Core

Hannah Corbin is my favorite core instructor, with or without the resistance bands. However, taking her resistance band workout for the core for 15 minutes is a core crusher. 

Frequenting the class see you burn abs fat, tone the abs muscles, and have just the mid-section that you want. And don’t forget, this class is also great for strengthening the lower back muscles.

4. Best for Beginners: 5 Minutes Intro to Resistance Bands with Andy Speer

5 Minutes Intro to Resistance Bands with Andy Speer

Do you have resistance bands but are wondering how you should even start the workouts? Then, join this class with Andy Speer, and he will give you tips on how to use the bands.

He starts with the do’s and don’ts of resistance bands and then off to the main workouts that require resistance bands.

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5. Best for Full Body: 20 Minutes Resistance Bands (Full Body) with Chase Tucker

20 Minutes Resistance Bands (Full Body) with Chase Tucker

When all you want is a full-body resistance class that gives you a full day’s workout satisfaction, join this class with Chase Tucker. It is not only exciting but very effective. And you may not shed much sweat, but the calories will definitely drop substantially.

Other Peloton Classes You Can Use with Resistance Bands

While Peloton offers classes where you specifically use resistance bands, you can also consider other Peloton classes.

For instance, resistance bands are effective in strength workouts. You can substitute kettlebells and dumbbells for resistance bands in these classes. The good thing is that resistance bands also have levels of strengths, which you can adjust depending on the class requirements. They range from 15 to 150 pounds, depending on your set.

Peloton bike and tread Bootcamp classes can also use resistance bands. In Bootcamp classes, you interchange between cardio and strength training. During strength training, you can use resistance bands.

Do you cycle on the bike or run on the tread with kettlebells or dumbbells? You can have resistance bands instead, or when you need consistent resistance for optimal muscle toning.

Finally, resistance bands for the arms and lightweight strength training are as good as any light weights for your arms. Therefore, if you already have the bands and want to join the classes, you don’t need more.

Advantages of Taking Peloton Resistance Band Classes

Resistance bands have many benefits that will ensure you actually consider the token Peloton offered you in your Yoga and Toning Package that came with your bike plus. So, let’s get onto the most basic;

  • It is best for senescent people who want to enhance strength and endurance training. Kettlebells and dumbbells may be too much, but resistance bands are less demanding.
  • The best option for active recovery: since active recovery is more effective at quicker recovery, you may consider adding resistance bands. They deliver effectiveness without straining your muscles, bones and joints.
  • Suitable for a spectrum of body workouts; surprisingly, you can use resistance bands and target just about any muscle in the body. Thus, you can have a full-body workout or target specific muscles in a single session for optimal effectiveness.
  • Resistance bands and lightweight and portable: if you travel much, resistance bands may be your best way to maintain a workout a working exercise schedule. You can fold them and pack them in your travelling bag without taking much space or adding much weight.
  • Consistent endurance: resistance bands have a consistent resistance regardless of the position you take with the workout. They make up for the shortcoming of dumbbells and kettlebells, hence great for complementing the heavier weights.

In a Nutshell;

Peloton resistance band workouts are available, both in dedicated and in complimentary options. Therefore, you can join classes dedicated to resistance bands under strength training. Alternatively, you can use the resistance bands for any strength training class.

Alternatively, you can alternate them with your kettlebells and dumbbells for fully impactful strength training for the arms, chest, core, and leg workouts.

So, get your resistance bands and experience the fitness they offer on Peloton.