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Peloton and Chase Sapphire: An Ultimate Opportunity to Wellness!

Have you been eyeing Peloton from afar but have no motivation to start on the home fitness journey? Well, if you own or are in a position to get a Chase Sapphire card, here is an excellent start.

Chase Sapphire has collaborated with Peloton to give their shared customers an added advantage; credit statements on both Peloton Unlimited membership and digital membership. Even better, you will earn multiple points if you buy a bike or a bike plus.

Starting to love it? Let’s get deeper into this fantastic news;

Chase Sapphire with Peloton?

In 2020, Chase Sapphire announced an interest in how their cardmembers are taking interest in wellness and fitness in a press release. Therefore, they decided to partner with one of the largest home fitness companies, Peloton.

Peloton deals with home fitness, with live and on-demand classes available for their users. They also have bikes and treadmills for home fitness equipment, which make their workouts even easier. With the equipment, you have the opportunity to get the all-access Peloton membership, which costs $44 per month. Or, you could opt for a digital membership.

However, you don’t need the bike or tread from Peloton to enjoy the peloton workouts. Instead, the company provides digital membership, whereby you get both live and on-demand workouts without necessarily owning a bike or tread from Peloton. With the digital membership, you get a free subscription as a free member, then start paying a monthly subscription of $12.99.

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So, with a Chase Sapphire card, you get a good amount of money back for each membership subscription that you get.

When using the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you receive statement credits worth $120. You can use them to pay for your subscription until December 31st, 2021. If you use the J.P Morgan card, you also get the same amount worth of credit statements, $120.

But what if your card is Chase Sapphire Preferred? You also get benefits, and you reap credit statements worth 60 dollars.

How Do the Chase Sapphire Cards Work with Peloton Memberships?

The Chase Sapphire cards apply to both the All-Access and Peloton digital memberships. 

Once you buy the Peloton bike or bike plus, the statement credits in your card automatically apply to your Unlimited Peloton memberships, which are worth $44 every month.

Sadly, you cannot use the statement credits to buy the bike or the bike plus. But this does not mean that you will not gain from buying the bike or bike plus. If you use the Chase Sapphire Reserve or JP Morgan cards, you will get ten times more points on your card. You can get up to 50,000 points with your Peloton purchases.

When using the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you will get five times your bike purchase point value. Overall, you have the opportunity to get up to 25000 points with the card.

However, your purchase must amount to $1400 and above. The best part is that the Peloton bike, which is the cheapest, costs $1445. This means that you will gain points even by buying the cheapest of the Peloton equipment.

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On the other hand, you may already be owning a bike or tread from other brands. The good news is that you can still utilize the Peloton offer. In addition, the digital app is available to people with or without Peloton equipment.

Once you subscribe to the digital app, you will get 30 days of free membership. After 30 days, the subscription will use your Chase Sapphire card statement credits for payment.

Can You Gain from the Chase Sapphire Peloton Partnership when Buying from Peloton?

Yes, you can. The Peloton Chase Sapphire partnership is beneficial not only for subscriptions but also when buying from Peloton. While you cannot use the statement credits to buy from Peloton, you get more points on your card. 

When using the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you will get 10 x the number of points you normally get for equipment worth 1400 dollars and above. If you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you will get 5x the number of points worth the value you buy, starting from $1400.

Even better for the Peloton equipment buyers, the points on Chase Sapphire cards are credible until December 31st, 2022. On the other hand, the statement credits on the cards for subscription members are only valid until December 31st, 2021.


Peloton Chase Sapphire is a partnership that ensures Chase Sapphire members benefit more from the Peloton membership. It also encourages more members to join the fitness program, which is proving essential with time.

The best part is that most Peloton users are already benefiting from the program. A large number of users are participating in #SapphireSquad, which is on all of Pelotons platforms. So, would you like to join them? The platform is yours.

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