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Does Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Work with Peloton?

Yes, Orangetheory heart rate monitor works with Peloton so that you can take advantage of its many benefits. 

Most people who were in Orangetheory turned to Peloton when the studios and gyms closed down. Better than that, they did not have to invest in extra heart rate monitors.

Therefore, if you are both a Peloton and Orangetheory fan, this is the best way to merge both platforms’ benefits; a Peloton bike or treadmill and an Orangetheory heart rate monitor.

Why Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitors?

Orangetheory heart rate monitors are unlike any other brand of heart rate monitors. They are characterized by features that guide you into when to work out, how much impact the workout makes when to rest, and even when to sleep. 

Moreover, they are among heart rate monitors with the most trusted accuracy in the market. Therefore, you can trust your heart rate, calories burned, among other metrics, you require for Peloton.

Finally, Orangetheory heart rate monitors are actually Bluetooth. Thus, they seamlessly pair with Peloton bikes and treadmills, which are Bluetooth compatible.

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Are Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitors Worth it for Peloton?

Yes, they are. Orangetheory heart rate zones are essential even in Peloton. They help you with your power zone classes and also help to push you to your optimal potential.

Both chest straps and armbands, so you can always choose from your best option.

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Parting Shot

Is Orangetheory heart rate monitor compatible with Peloton? Yes, it is. Peloton is compatible with all Bluetooth and Ant+ heart rate monitors, and the Orangetheory HRM is not an exclusion.

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