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Peloton Guide Strength Trainer; Alternative to Mirror

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At the heart of the evolution of indoor training is a training mirror, which more indoor workout companies are embracing by the day. It is evident that Peloton is a giant in indoor fitness, keeping up and even beating the competition by margins.

But does Peloton have a mirror?

Surprisingly, Yes. Peloton has a mirror for its strength training workouts. At least not the human-size mirror that Mirror or Tonal offers, but the function may just be the same. The Peloton mirror, which is bound to be the new Peloton equipment in 2022, is referred to as the “Peloton Guide“.

Indoor Workout Mirror

Basically, an indoor workout mirror refers to strength workout equipment that allows you to see your form against the form of the instructor on the workout screen. So you can see yourself, alright, just as in a regular mirror, but you will also see a workout screen in front of you, with metrics, the instructors, and all that.

We often have the wrong form during workouts, especially in strength training. Sadly, it is difficult to get to this realization, especially when exercising alone. For this reason, most of us will prefer having ample time at the gym just to learn form. After all, the wrong form or move could cost your health.

Nevertheless, with the introduction of the mirror, you don’t need a physical gym trainer to access your form. When your reflection is on the mirror, the instructor can as well see you and help you correct your form if need be.

What is the Peloton Guide?

What is the Peloton Guide
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The new Peloton Guide mimics the indoor fitness mirror. It targets the strength exercises, allowing you to watch your form against that of the instructor. Therefore, I can comfortably say that the Peloton guide is the Peloton mirror.

Essentially, the Guide is a connected strength AI equipment from Peloton, which you connect to the TV for access to the Peloton workouts. Once you connect it to the TV, you can use your TV to access Peloton, just as in the Peloton digital application. However, the Peloton Guide brings more than just the Peloton app to you.

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It comes with a heart rate monitor and allows you to monitor your strength training on Peloton. The Guide uses machine learning to monitor the users’ movement, regardless of the strength training accessories that they use.

How is the Peloton Guide a Mirror?

How is the Peloton Guide a Mirror
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The Peloton Guide has a feature called the Self Mode, a smart camera mode that allows members to view themselves as they work out. Then, they can compare their form to that of the instructor in real-time, then make adjustments where necessary.

So, the Guide will transform your TV screen into a mirror, from where you can view your form.

Other than the Self Mode, the Guide features the following aspects;

1. Voice Activation

Have you ever been on the floor working out and suddenly felt that you wanted an increased volume? Then, grudgingly and with sweaty hands, you have to turn on the volume to favor your convenience. Peloton has solved this challenge in the Guide with a voice activation feature.

I love the voice activation most, as it aids in controlling the Guide and the screen. You can control the Guide with your voice without touching the Guide for any adjustments. For instance, if you want to lower your volume, stop or start a workout, you will just have to say the words. 

2. Movement Tracker

With the Guide, you will have to complete the movements of a strength training to keep up with the Leaderboard competition. The Movement Tracker tracks all the strength training moves in the Peloton classes, ensuring that you complete the movements as you should.

3. Body Activity

And just as with the Movement Tracker, the Body Activity monitoring ensures that you actually work out. First, the tracker takes note of all your body muscles and how much you concentrate on them during the workouts. Then, it recommends classes that you should take to focus on muscles you left behind.

Therefore, the Guide ensures that you have whole-body workouts without neglecting any group of muscles on your body.

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What Happens When I want Privacy on the Guide?

Any mirror workouts feel pretty invasive, especially to those of us who cherish our privacy. And the Peloton Guide is no different. As long as the camera and microphone are on, your privacy is no longer private.

The good news is that the Guide actually has a solution for this problem. Users can control the camera and the microphone. For example, you can slide a cover on the camera if you want ultimate privacy. A manual switch also helps you turn the mic on and off.

Which Membership Does the Peloton Guide Use?

The Peloton Guide will use a unique membership plan. As a result, the low digital app membership, the cost will be low, while the benefits will be more.

The Guide will require a $12.99 monthly subscription, just as with the Peloton digital membership. However, the membership will offer five accounts with the Guide, unlike the digital membership, which only has one account.

Therefore, you can purchase the Peloton guide for family strength training workouts.

If You Already Have a Peloton Membership;

You will gain access to the Guide training for free. So whether you have the all-access

For the all-access members, the Guide workouts are already updated. However, the digital app members can upgrade to include the Guide workouts at no extra cost.

How Much is the Peloton Guide?

The Peloton Guide is cheap, at only $495, which is surprisingly low for a Peloton piece of equipment. And with the gadget, you will also get the upgraded Peloton heart rate monitor. If you purchase the heart rate monitor separately, it costs $89, which means the Guide is even cheaper.

Other than that, Peloton is looking into financing plans for the Peloton Guide. Therefore, it will be even more accessible to the public.

Does the Peloton Guide Come with Dumbbells?

No, it doesn’t. Unfortunately, the Guide only includes the AI box and a heart rate monitor. However, you can purchase dumbbells, kettlebells, and even resistance bands from Peloton, which will come with the Peloton Guide package.

Nevertheless, the Peloton Guide is compatible with strength training accessories from other brands. And this may work to your advantage since your pre-existing dumbbells will still be helpful. You can also look for cheaper strength accessories on Amazon than the Peloton strength accessories.

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The Peloton Guide Instructors

So, who will train the new strength workouts with the Peloton Guide? The trainers will be the same competitive Peloton trainers at the strength training exercises.

These trainers include; Robin Arzon, Selena Samuela, Ben Alldis, Daniel McKenna,  Callie Gullickson, Chase Tucker, Rebecca Kennedy, Rad Lopez, Matty Maggiacomo, Jess Sims, Andy Speer, and Adrian Williams.

 Olivia Amato and Matty Maggiacomo are already on the beginner training list, and they will help users learn the basics and adapt to the new strength training development.

Peloton Mirror Vs. Other Mirror Brands

Mirror options available today include; Tonal, Mirror, Echelon Reflect Touch, Tempo Studio, NordicTrack Vault Fitness Mirror, and Proform Vue Fitness Mirror

Generally, the Peloton mirror is not really a mirror. Instead, it is a gadget that will transform your TV into a workout screen and allow you to view your form. Besides, viewing your form is a feature you can choose to turn off at will.

On the other hand, other mirror brands do not have the option of turning off your reflection. Therefore, mirror reflection is the basis of the workouts for these mirror options. 

Nevertheless, the Peloton Guide is similar to other mirror brands in that they all facilitate connected to strength and resistance training. In addition, they facilitate guided strength training, which is more upgraded to resemble gym training. And, most importantly, they ensure that you work out as you should; the way you lift or move will be perfect with the mirror guidance.

Is the Peloton Guide Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it. If you are into Peloton strength, which is improving, by the way, investing in the Peloton Guide will be worth it. It is less expensive than the Peloton bike, bike plus, and treadmill yet offers multiple accounts into Peloton strength training.

With the advanced Peloton strength training and the right equipment, the Guide will give you something Peloton has never given before; optimal strength training benefits. These include weight loss, toned muscles, as well as an enviable body shape and outlook.


So, does Peloton have a mirror? With the Peloton Guide, yes, Peloton has a mirror. It represents Peloton-connected strength training, and it has a feature that allows you to view your reflection during strength training. 

The better news is that it is the most affordable Peloton equipment available.