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Can Peloton Instructors See You? (Privacy Matter!)

No, Peloton instructors cannot see you. Peloton works in such a way that you can see the instructor, but the opposite is not enabled. 

As a whole, the instructors see the Leaderboard names to find your name on the Leaderboard. Through the Leaderboard, they are able to give shoutouts and high-fives to members of the class.

Therefore, the instructor will see your progress, especially when it is conspicuous. And even without any progress, instructors give random high fives to the class at the start or towards the end.

What Do Peloton Instructors See During a Class?

The tablet on the instructor’s bike looks similar to yours but functions differently.

Basically, Peloton instructors don’t see anything from your side; The instructors are just like you with other people’s profiles on the Leaderboard. So during a class, all you can see is information on the Leaderboard and the accompanying profile picture.

They can see their Metrics, how much time is left in the class, and the leaderboard, just like we can.

However, they are able to view some fascinating statistics, such as the Total Output and the Average Output of the entire class. On the left, there is a Notes section that they can use as a guide or reminder.

According to reddit

Cody posted an Instagram story yesterday scrolling through his leaderboard view (video here) and some details I noticed:

It’s the same basic leaderboard view we see (no additional profile info) but with the number of rides the member has taken, and with a special icon for birthdays (looks to be a blue cake?) The instructor can filter between riders at home, in the studio, or in the digital app. (which is how they sometimes call out a few milestones in the studio specifically) My guess is that the green star filter only shows members with milestones, which is the view Cody is scrolling through, as every member shown has a milestone ride number or birthday.

How Do I Know If My Peloton Camera is On?

In general, the Peloton camera is off by default and only goes on if you put it on. But how would you know that the camera is on when you put it on? The Peloton camera will light when it is on, which makes it easy to know its status.

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Whether the camera is on or off also comes in handy to protect your privacy. This is especially in instances when you put it on and forget to put it off, especially after a selfie or a video chat.

So, with the camera light on, the camera is on, and your friend on a video call can see you. Your other Peloton followers can also see you immediately after you accept their request for a video chat.

Peloton has put other measures to ensure that the camera is not what sells your privacy for additional safety. Therefore, the Peloton bikes and treadmills come with camera slides, which block the camera from view.

Privacy Concerns with the Peloton Camera

There are users who still feel that the Peloton camera is out to spy on them and breach their privacy. And, made of AI like all gadget cameras, the camera can spy on you.

Moreover, any person on the Leaderboard can try video calling you, even those with spying motives. With your camera-enabled, they will get through. 

However, the good news is that you will always get the video call request before the caller starts spying on you. Therefore, while the Peloton camera may be used to spy on you, you have the authority to refuse calls you don’t trust.

Besides, the camera slider is a further privacy feature that protects you from camera spying even when you forget the camera on.

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Final Thoughts

Can Peloton instructors see you? No, they can’t, and neither can other Peloton users. The peloton camera is only convenient for profile pictures and video calls during classes.

Also, you have to enable the video chat feature for the camera to work. If you don’t enable it, then you also don’t have to worry about video call requests.

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