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How to Pause a Peloton Class

How do you pause a Peloton class? Is there a Peloton pause button for the classes? These are some of the most frequent questions among Peloton users, especially the bike and treadmill users.

The Peloton had a pause button for the Peloton app users, but there wasn’t one for the equipment users. However, during Homecoming, among the impressive goodies Peloton brought was an option to pause classes on the bike and the bike plus. So, yes, you can pause a Peloton class on the bike, bike plus, and, of course, on the Peloton digital app.

But how do you pause a Peloton class? Let’s dive into this, but first;

The Peloton Pause Button

Everyone has at one moment tried to pause a Peloton class, especially the on-demand classes. After all, they are recorded, so wouldn’t a pause feature be obvious? 

However, you have to remember that even with the on-demand classes, the Leaderboard works just as well as the Leaderboard in a live class. For this reason, Peloton had disabled the pause button. Hence, people would not cheat on the Leaderboard. For instance, one would not take a good rest, then come back to compete with tired users.

But the pause button was available for the digital app users? Of course, it was and is still there. This is because the digital app users are not in the competitive Here Now Leaderboard. They just make an appearance, but their output is not recorded. Therefore, pausing the class does not affect the other users, unlike the bike and treadmill users.

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Peloton Pause Button

The Pause Button Is on the Peloton Bike and Bike Plus

Peloton conducted a survey on users about what they thought about the pause features. Most people definitely wished that the feature was available. It would let them babysit kids, take an important call, answer the doorbell and refill the water bottle. Yet, they did not have to forego a vital part of the class.

Luckily, this dream is now a reality on the bikes. Not long ago, Peloton announced the pause button on the Peloton bike and bike plus. So, now you don’t have to worry about doing a half class because the other half is spent trying to do other important tasks. You can finally save the longer free hours for a live Peloton ride.

So, How Do You Pause a Peloton Class?

Pausing the Peloton class will just be as easy as pausing a video or a music track. First, you will simply tap on the workout on the screen. Then, hold on to the tap button, and the class will pause. 

How do you get back to class? Immediately you are done with your call, you will again tap on the screen, and the class will continue from where you left. You will not miss a thing!

What Happens to the Leaderboard?

Well, the Leaderboard is the cost you have to pay for the long-awaited pause feature. Once you pause the class, your username drops to the bottom of the Leaderboard. Therefore, you will just be present on the ‘Here Now’ list, without any ranking, even if you come back and your output is great.

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Also, when you take the class sometime later, you will see that you took the class but were not ranked the whole time, even if you had a ranking in the first session. However, your output will still be recorded appropriately.

But we all know how much little the Leaderboard compares to the urge to pause, right? So, therefore, it is a worthy catch to pay for the feature.

After all, pausing the class does not affect your challenges and milestones. They will still record as they should when you are through with the class, in spite of the pauses during the class.

Can You Pause Peloton Live Classes?

No, you can’t pause Peloton live classes. While it is possible, pausing a live class may be more complex because it would involve more people than just you. It would involve pausing the instructor, which is close to impossible.

The Peloton will probably consider this option in the future; then, you would have to follow the class from a recorded point of view, like you would with a live TV program.

Nevertheless, the pause button is only on the Peloton on-demand classes for now.

Will I Lose My Output for Pausing a Class?

No, you won’t lose your metrics or output due to a pause. Actually, the output usually continues when you are back on the bike. You will also be on the output order, even if you lose your ranking.

Technically, all you lose during a pause will be the Leaderboard ranking, and it is understandable because it would affect other users. However, anything personal about the ride or workout will remain.

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Do You Receive High-Fives in a Paused Class?

When you pause your Peloton class, you stop your progress, but other users can still see you in the ‘Here Now’ feature. Therefore, they can still send you a high five. Though you will not be in a position to send back one, you can always return the high-five when you are back on the ride. You will manage to see all the high-fives you received, hence return them as you should.

Will the Pause Feature Be Available on the Peloton Tread?

Fortunately, yes. Peloton promises to work on the pause feature for the Peloton treadmills. While the feature is not yet available, the treadmill owners can patiently but confidently wait for their turn. It may be sooner than you expect, especially now that it has proven possible in one of the Peloton equipment.


Pausing a Peloton class is as simple as tapping on your class and confirming the pause option. Therefore, you can finally run errands that cannot wait and still have an entire Peloton class. In addition, it will now be easier for those who take a Peloton ride alongside a HIIT class option with the feature.

So, go ahead and try out the exciting feature on your Peloton bike or bike plus!