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Can You Watch TV on Peloton?

Yes, you can watch TV on Peloton. However, this would affect your workouts, as the Peloton screen does not split. I must also caution you that Peloton does not recommend watching any other app or program on the tablet, save for the Peloton workouts.

However, you probably feel like you persevere on your treadmill or bike and are stuck to the instructors, while you’d rather be following your favorite TV program. So it is even worse for a TV program to bypass you, especially in channels that will not keep soaps and some programs for later viewing.

So, How to Watch TV on Peloton Screen?

The feature that allows you to watch TV on the Peloton touchscreen is not apparent and relatively hidden at that. However, I have some cracking tips that will help you through the process successfully. So, shall we get the show on the road?

Step 1: Switch On the Tablet

First, switch on the Peloton tablet in the same way you do when accessing the Peloton classes. Once the screen is ready, you will see Peloton’s usual class program. Next, tap on the right corner, where you will see three dots.

peloton menu bar

Step 2: Click on About

The three dots lead you to various options, including ‘About,’ which will expose a pop-up with your bike or treadmill serial number. But, of course, this is the end of it, if you don’t know more.

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peloton about button

However, this is the start of a new opportunity if you know what to do. So, click on the pop-up repeatedly for at least seven times. 


Step 3: Access the Android Browser

Your persistent clicks will bear fruits, bringing forth other apps that you wouldn’t have believed are on Peloton. Among them is the green Android WebView Browser Tester. Click on it, and it will open up the opportunity to browse the internet.

Peloton Android WebView Browser

Step 4: Watch TV on Peloton Touchscreen

With the browsing option, you can finally enter the URL or the name of your TV station from which you want to watch. Then, watch TV conveniently from the comfort of your ride or walk on Peloton.

Step 5: Get Back to Peloton Classes

When you are done watching, of course, you will want to leave your screen in the default mode, where the Peloton classes and programs are visible. So, click at the bottom of the screen, where the Peloton logo is visible. It would help if you were back on Peloton within a couple of seconds or less.

If you want to take a class before powering the tablet off, you can explore the options available for your top priority.

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Disadvantages of Watching TV on Peloton

While watching TV on Peloton can be exhilarating, like all forbidden fruits (pun -intended), it has limitations. Therefore, it is essential that you consider the downside of watching TV on Peloton, probably before you even attempt the process.

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So, what is the downside of watching TV on Peloton?

  • Essentially, Peloton does not allow users to watch other programs on the Peloton touchscreen, which is why TV, YouTube, and other programs are not obvious. Therefore, if your screen gets a malfunction while you are on a TV program, you can be sure that your warranty will not work. Consequently, you will have to pay for the repair or replacement of the touchscreen.
  • Watching TV on Peloton is not the tablet’s primary function, neither is it secondary. Therefore, trying to watch may have hitches along the way, and it is not even a guarantee that you will have a successful TV time with Peloton.
  • Finally, you may crash your tablet by trying to hack into other programs that are not Peloton. Therefore, be sure that you are ready for this outcome if all goes south.

Reasons Users Watch TV on Peloton

Though watching TV on Peloton is not recommended, users still take the risk, feeling that it is worth it. Below are a few reasons I have garnered from my interviews with users;

  • One cannot wait to watch a TV program, yet they feel they need some stretching, especially for the bike users. Therefore, they consider the risk better than not trying the application at all.
  • Some users have older bikes and treadmills and are about to replace them. Hence, they prefer exploring every adventure that Peloton can possibly offer. After all, they don’t mind having a screen problem trying to explore since they are going to get a new one anyway.
  • Some users would rather be on a TV program or even watch some documentary than listen to instructors on Peloton/ Therefore, they don’t mind the downside of trying to crash the Peloton tablet.
  • While I prefer having a TV in my Peloton studio, some people feel it is too much adjustment. Thus, they definitely prefer grabbing the opportunity if there is a way out.
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Does Watching TV on Peloton Affect Peloton Output?

No, it doesn’t. Once you are done watching, you will go back to the regular Peloton that you know.

My Peloton Touchscreen Hangs a Lot After Watching TV on Peloton

In this case, you can work around the challenge by resetting your tablet to default settings. This should work the trick, and you will have your standard Peloton tablet back.

So, Should You Watch TV on Peloton?

Not really. If you care about your warranty and want to avoid problems with your touchscreen, do not watch TV on Peloton. Instead, you can install a TV in your gym so that you can watch TV while enjoying a ride or a run.

Alternatively, you can invest in an inexpensive but quality laptop tray you attach to your bike. Then, you can watch a TV program or any non-Peloton stuff on your personal laptop, which is more convenient.

Final Verdict

Watching TV on Peloton requires a hack, and you already have it now. Therefore, you no longer have to keep up with the Peloton instructors while you prefer watching a documentary or a TV program. First, however, you have to beware of the risk.