How Do I Fix a Clicking Noise on My Peloton Bike?

A Peloton bike is fun to ride, and you always look forward to your next ride. What, with motivating and captivating instructors and a highly engaging community. However, if your bike starts making a clicking noise during or after the ride, this excitement is stained with some anxiety. So, how do you fix a clicking noise on your Peloton bike?

Honestly, there is no definite cause for noise on the bike, but problems with one of a few bike parts could result in the noise. Once you identify the cause of the noise, fixing it will be easier.

What Causes a Clicking Noise on Your Peloton Bike?

You may have a clicking noise because the most frequent reason could be the interaction between your pedals and the cleats. The cleat bolts could be loose, hence noise when they are attached to the pedals. Alternatively, the pedal cleat area clicks if the tension is too low or the bolts between the crank arm and the pedals.

Secondarily, the crank arm itself could be loose, causing the clicking sound, especially during a fast ride.

The transport wheels and the stabilizers also contribute to clicking noise if they are not level.

Finally, but quite unlikely, the bike could require some lube in the moving areas.

How Do You Fix a Clicking Noise on the Peloton Bike?

Based on the challenges we have looked into above, we can easily deduce some quick solutions;

First off, the sound will almost always come as a result of untightened nuts and bolts. As one of the maintenance procedures, you need to check your bike’s bolts at least every two months. Try checking every joint on the bike, starting with the pedals, the frame, and so on.

Then, check the bolts that connect your cleats to the cycling shoes. Tighten them to ensure that they are not the cause of your problem.

Most importantly, it would help if you increased your pedal tension, which plays a large role in solving clicking issues.

With the above three solutions, most bikes will have the clicking sound sorted. However, if your bike still presents a challenge, proceed to check the crank arm. You can take a video of the noise and report it to the Peloton support before attempting anything. After all, if the crank is actually the problem, they can send you a new set for replacement. They can also send you their support to check on the challenge.

Occasional dry lube may also do the trick, though this is not always necessary with indoor spinning bikes. However, if it works for you, lube sprays once in a while will work.

Parting Shot

How do I fix the clicking noise on my Peloton bike? Tightening the bolts on the bike, especially the pedals, and increasing the pedal tension will mostly trick. Also, make a habit of ensuring that your cycling shoes have cleats well tightened, and consider reaching out for Peloton support if the above solutions don’t work.

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