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24 Inch Bike for What Size Person? Explained

A 24-inch bike is a great choice for someone who is looking for a bike that is not too big or too small. This size bike is perfect for someone who is between 4 and 5 feet tall. If you are looking for a bike that is easy to ride and easy to maneuver, then a 24-inch bike is a great choice for you.

However, you need the right bike size, which depends on your age, body weight, and structure. One of the sizes of bikes on the market is the 24-inch bike. But what size can a person be to ride this type of bike and enjoy using it without complaints or strains?

If you’re wondering about this question, this guide will help you understand more as we’ll delve deeper into it.

What Do 24-inch Bikes Mean?

In general, A 24-inch bike means a bike with a wheel size of approximately 24 inches.

Bikes that are 24 inches long are meant for children who are between the ages of 8 and 13. This size bike is also known as a tween bike. Tween bikes are designed to be ridden by kids who are too big for a traditional kids bike, but who are not ready for an adult bike.

Also, It is recommended for inexperienced cyclist to go with the smaller wheel size, as it will be easier to handle and control.

Who Should Ride The 24 Inch Bike? Childs? Adults? What Size Person?

Generally, a 24-inch bike is designed for people less than 5’4″ .The 24-inch bike measures between 4’2″ and 4’9″. The 24 inches refers to the size of the tires and are the biggest tires in the market for kids. It best suits kids, teenagers, or shorter women that are lightweight or petite. The kids’ ages 8 to 13 will have no major challenges using this bike.

These bikes are also perfect for adults who can’t fit into bigger bikes like the 26-inch bike. But the shorter men shouldn’t use these bikes as they have different body structures and frames, which can be uncomfortable sitting on the bikes.

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Remember, men also tend to be weighty than women. So, it will not be ideal to have them ride the 24-inch bike as they can exert too much pressure on it. However, these bikes have different features and functions, which may vary according to their brand.

How to size a kids/youth bike? See the below Video for better Understanding

How To Know If You Fit A 24-inch Bike or Not?

24-inch bikes are generally best for ages 8 to 13 and heights of 4’6” to 5’0”. If you are an adult or child outside of this range, you may be better off with a different sized bike. When in doubt, it’s better to err on the side of a larger bike. You can always adjust the seat and handlebars to make a bigger bike fit better. Therefore, follow the below checking.

  1. Measure your height, weight and inseam
  2. Read carefully the product specification and bike size chart
  3. Measure the bike’s height according to your height
  4. Choose the bike types you want to buy

Types of 24-inch Bikes

There are many different types of 24-inch bikes available on the market. Some are designed for racing, while others are better suited for leisurely rides. Some have suspension systems to absorb bumps and shocks, while others do not. There are also 24-inch bikes specifically designed for mountain biking and other off-road activities. Whatever your biking needs, there is sure to be a 24-inch bike that is perfect for you.

Here are 4 types of 24 inch bike you may have intentions to get

  1. Kids bikes
  2. Adult bikes
  3. Folding bikes
  4. Toddler Trailers

How To Find The Best Bicycle Size At Home

Understanding More About The 24-Inch Bike

Before buying the 24-inch bike, it’s good to understand the features that set it apart from the rest. The features of this bike include;

  • A narrow-shaped handlebar. This enables the kid to handle the bike better and be stable all through.
  • Shorter and pretty handgrips are a good choice for shorter hands like those of kids
  • A low seat position enables riders to reach the ground with ease
  • Flatter pedals for better grip preventing your kid from falling

All these features make this bike the right choice for kids or women who need to be more safety measures while on the go. A shorter person of less 5 feet will be able to reach the ground with ease when using this bike. However, you’ve got to be mindful of your weight as excess kilos can damage or burst the tires, which can be costly to replace/repair.

What Height Should a Person Be to Ride The 24 Inch Bike?

The features of the 24-inch bike limit the height and weight of the person who can use them. Since these bikes best suit kids between 8 and 13 years, the person using them should be about 4.1 inches. But a 4.9 inches person can also ride it without struggling to reach the ground.

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It’s right to understand that a person of an average height will get tired faster when riding such bikes. The narrow seats will also make it uncomfortable to use these bikes, especially if you’re going for long rides. So, it’s best to avoid them and look for better alternatives.

Additionally, you need to consider the rider’s weight regardless of their short height. A weighty person will exert too much pressure on the tires, making them burst before time. It’s advisable not to use the 24-inch bike as an adult bike. So, if you’re above 5.5 inches, look for an alternative bike that fits your body structure and weight.

Will The 24 Inch Be Smaller for Adults?

This depends on the size/height and weight of the adult. A lightweight person that’s also short will not have any difficulty using these bikes. The adult has to be between 4.1 inches and 4.9 inches for the 24-inch bike not to be smaller. Additionally, they need to have shorter limbs and feet than those of kids to enjoy riding this bike.

But if you try fitting in even if the bike is smaller, you’ll sit uncomfortably and won’t pedal with ease with longer legs.

Differences Between A 24-Inch Bike and A 26-Inch Bike

If you find it hard using the 24-inch bike, it’s best to opt for the 26-inch bike. But you should do this after finding out what sets each apart. We’ll help you know the differences and some shared features between the two bikes.

Differences include;

  • The 24-inch bike rim diameter is 24 inches, while the 26-inch bike has a 26-inch rim.
  • The 26-inch bike has a bigger wheel clearance than the 24-inch making it the best choice for taller people.
  • The 26-inch bike has better traction than the 24-inch making them ideal for wetter areas or slippery roads. This also makes them a safer bike to use as your chances of tripping as you ride reduce.

The main similarity between the two bikes is that they can be used by both kids and adults of certain body structures, weights, or heights. But this depends on how comfortable each is and how safe they are. Remember using the wrong size of bike will leave you in more trouble as you’ll have difficulties pedaling. This can also compromise your safety, something you should look deeper into beforehand.

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Factors To Consider When Buying A 24-Inch Bike

Apart from the age, height, and weight limits, you also need to consider other factors when buying your 24-inch bike. They include;


You need to put in mind when buying these bikes for kids is their price. Remember, the 24-inch and 26-inch bikes almost have similar features, which can make their price difference not much. However, when out buying any of the bikes, settle for one within your budget limits. The expensive brands tend to be the best. But this doesn’t mean that the cheaper ones won’t perform better.


You also need to look at the brakes the 24-inch bike has. The type of break you’ll opt for will depend on the area of use. For example, V-brakes, which are the most common brakes in the market, will work under any condition. However, a disc brake best works in a hilly or area with lots of rain as it will improve your safety while on the road.

Type Of Tires

You will also have to look at the type of tires the 24-inch bike has. When choosing the right tire for this bike, consider where your kid will use it most. If they’ll ride it on the pavements, then a motorcycle with slick, fast-rolling tires is a good pick. But a 24-inch bike with wider and more treads will enable your kid to ride in muddy, dirty, or grassy areas with ease.

The Bikes Suspension Forks

Even though kids love suspension forks, the bikes tend to be heavy and don’t work well. It’s advisable to get your kid a bike with a rigid fork as they’re much lighter. Riding a more lightweight bike will enable your kid to maneuver various areas without assistance.

Are The 24-Inch Bikes the Best Option for Kids?

Yes. If you’ve got a 7-13 years kid, the 24-inch bike is a good choice as it has a higher endurance and is much safer to use. The bike’s height and the pedal will also allow your kid to ride without straining.

Bottom Line

You need the right bike to enjoy riding in any terrain. However, it’s always a challenge getting the right size, a reason you need to be more careful when making a selection. Consider your weight, age, and height to enable you to get a comfortable bike that also has enough sitting allowance.

Also, look at your budget, type of tires, and the brakes before settling for any of the bikes, like a 24-inch bike. But you need to note that the 24-inch bikes suit kids between 7 and 13 years. Plus, shorter women with less weight and height can enjoy riding these bikes without a major problem.