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Look Delta Vs Keo Cleats; Which Is Better on Which Bike?

Look Keo Vs Look Delta cleats; two confusing terms, especially when you are just starting out with clipless pedals. Which is which, and are not they one and the same type? Which is better on which bike? And, most importantly, are they compatible?

These are some of the question you try to find as a beginner. No, even as an expert who has not yet tried either of these. Therefore, we want to bring you some clarity on the matter, putting the two cleats side by side.

About Look Delta

Look Delta are 3-hole cleats from the Look brand. They are mostly used with spin bikes. Amazingly, they have gained popularity with the peloton bike, being the only cleats, other than SPD-SL, that peloton pedals are compatible with.

Look delta cleats come in 2 cleat float options. Cleat float refers to the amount of rotation that the cleat will offer when clipped in the pedal. A greater float means more rotation, and this is essential in enhancing lateral movement.

Look delta cleats with the highest degree of float are red in color. They have a float of 9 degrees. Those that offer zero-degree float are black in color. It means that they are fixed, with no movement when placed against the pedals.


About Look Keo

Just like Look Delta, Look Keo are Look by brand. Just like their sister-cleat, they are 3-hole in design. It comes in 3 colors to represent float; red comes with the highest float, grey moderate float, while black is fixed, providing no float at all, representing 9, 4.5 and 0 degrees of float respectively.

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They are suitable for road bikes. The most outstanding part about Keo cleats is their memory positioner, which allows you to easily replace cleats at any time. Besides, Keo are some of the lightest cleats today.


Look Delta Vs Look Keo: Head to Head Comparison

Though both are from the same brand, you cannot ignore the glaring difference between the two pedals. Besides, the two are not even compatible.

So now, let’s get the show on the road;

Look Delta

Look Keo

  Bike compatibility
Suitable for both spin and road bikes Specifically, suitable cleats for road bikes
 Peloton bike compatibility 
 Most preferred for the peloton bike Not compatible with peloton
 Each other’s replacement? 

Not compatible with Look Keo pedals.

They never replace Keo cleats in any instance.


Not compatible with Look delta pedals.

They cannot be used to replace Delta cleats


 Heavier than Keo, weighing 75g per pair. Minimal weight, which is on an impressively compact design. They weigh 65fg for each pair of cleats.
 Cleat hole size 

Wider and larger.

The cleat has three holes.


Smaller and narrower.

The cleats feature 3 holes.

 Availability of a memory positioner 
It features a memory positioner, which is Look’s invention to ensure that cleat replacement is not a whole new process of cleat installation.The memory positioner is present. It is one of its most unique features among other cleats.

Has two cleat floats; fixed, which provides 0-degree float, and the 9 degrees float cleats.

The 9-degree float cleats, which are red in color, can adjust from 0, 3, 6 and up to 9 degree of float.

The fixed float cleats are black in color.

Provides a wider range of options, with three float varieties.

The red cleats offer a float of 9 degrees, the grey ones a float of 4.5 degrees and the black cleats are fixed.


Bi-material, which eliminates the creaking sound of cleats and adds to durability.

Bi-material, typical of Look cleats, which will maximize the cleat lifespan.




Dual compatibility

There are SPD pedals that allow a side for Look Delta cleats.

 Only Look Keo pedals are compatible with Look Keo cleats.
 Universal compatibility 
Considered in pedals that allow for universal compatibility.

They are used in pedals with universal compatibility.

This is the only time that the two cleats can be replaced for each other.

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Let’s now have a look at some of the common question revolving the Look cleats;

Which is better, between Look Keo and Look Delta?

Each of these cleats is made from a bi-material. This means that it is not just durable, but also gives you a quiet and smoother ride.

However, as for the better cleat, this will wholly depend on your bike pedal type, and the cycling type you engage in. one thing I can assure you though, a Look cycle is worth the try, whether on the road or indoors.

Are Look Delta and Look Keo compatible?

No, they are not. I have seen complaints where customers tried to replace Look Keo with Look Delta, and vice versa. Despite both being Look, the cleats are completely different.

While Look Delta cleats fit in wider and larger pedals, Look Keo are narrower and smaller. It is best to use each where it is most suitable to avoid disappointments.

Do Look cleats fit all Look pedals?

No, Look cleat system is divided into two; Look Delta and Look Keo. Each cleat system is compatible with its specific pedal type.

Thus, make sure to confirm your Look pedal type before purchasing the cleats.

Are Look Cleats compatible with peloton?

This is a very common question. The answer is yes and no. On one side, Look Delta is compatible with Peloton, while on the other, Look Keo is completely incompatible with Peloton.

Therefore, even when purchasing Peloton cleats, it is essential that you consider that the cleats are exactly Look Delta. Look Keo will disappoint you on the spin bike.

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What is the Bottom Line?

Though Look Delta and Look Keo hail from the same company, they are not the same. Actually, as we have seen, when put head to head, the tow cleats have more differences than similarities.

Are you a purely road cyclist? Just invest in a Look Keo for optimal benefits. Nevertheless, if you have a peloton or a spin bike besides your road trips, then Look Delta will be a worthy investment. Either way, both cleat types are competitive in their respective fields.

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