A Guide on How to Screencast Your Peloton Bike/tread to the TV

The floor and cross-fit training don’t have to be straining on the standard Peloton bike just because the screen does not rotate.  Fortunately, you have the option to cast the Peloton bike tablet on your TV.

Primarily, you need to ensure that our TV is compatible with the Peloton device.

So, how do you cast your Peloton bike to the TV?

Miracasting Peloton on TV

Basically, Peloton bikes come with a miracasting feature that allows you to connect the devices to other compatible screens. Peloton bikes from the second generation, made in 2016 and later, have this feature.

Step 1: Connect the Devices to the Same Internet

First, get your TV in pairing mode, and set it on the same wifi or Ethernet internet as your bike.

Then, ensure that the bike is connected to the wifi as well.

Step 2: ‘Cast the Screen’

On your bike device, click on three dots at the bottom right corner. They will reveal a range of icons, and ‘Settings’ is one of them. Click on it, and you will get to a list starting with wifi and Internet. Next, scroll down to ‘Display’ and click on it. Once in the display, click on ‘Cast Screen,’ and you will get a list of the compatible screens in the house.

Choose your TV mode, and click on it.  The connection will start, and it will take several seconds to complete. Be patient.

Step 3: Connect the Peloton Bike to TV

Once the connection is established, you will see the Peloton touchscreen content on the TV.

Screen Cast from a Peloton Bike to a Roku TV

Final Thoughts;

How to screencast your Peloton bike to the TV? With the developments on Peloton, today it is possible to cast the Peloton bike to a wider range of TVs. You can use ROKU, Samsung, HDMI, iOS, or Android TV for your workout convenience.

Since you have the short processes involved, now the ball is in your court. 

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