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How to Put on Peloton Shoes and Clip Into the Pedal?

Have you received a package of peloton bike shoes, but no idea where to start or how to put on or how to clip in; especially when this is your first time? Well, this guide will definitely boost your morale trying them on, knowing too well that you are doing the right thing.

Peloton Shoe Facts

Peloton shoes are the footwear that you use to ride on the peloton indoor stationary bike. And definitely, this special shoe will boost your spinning performance. The bike pedals are clipless, and only compatible with Look Delta and SPD-SL design of shoes and cleats.

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How to Put on Peloton Shoes?

So now, let’s embark on the ultimate guide through how you will go about putting on the shoes.

Step 1: Install the Peloton Shoe Cleats

Some shoes compatible with peloton will come with the cleats already installed, such as most Tommaso pairs. However, most brands, peloton included, will not have the cleats mounted. Therefore, you have to mount them first before wearing the shoes.

At the forefront bottom of your shoes are 3 cleat plate holes, see them? Put your cleats facing the front, matching the holes. The line at the base of the cleat holes should match the line with the cleats. If the line is not present, check out our detailed guide on cleat installation.

Put the washers on each cleat hole, followed by the screws. Using an Allen key, preferably size 3mm, twist the screws inwards.

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At first, just twist the screws in, one by one, before tightening any. Then, tighten all the screws, until some resistance is obvious.

Note: The cleats have to be really tight to prevent issues with cycling or unclipping after peloton workouts. Also, if you need the best peloton bike cleats for fearless stroking, please follow this guide!

Step 2: Loosen the Buckle

Most peloton shoes operate by Velcro straps and a buckle closure system. If the buckle is locked, loosen it first.

How? Press the button of the buckle, which will snap it open. Then, loosen the buckle strap to the point where you feel comfortable putting on the shoe without straining.

Step 3: Put on The Peloton Shoe

With your cycling socks on, slide your foot in the shoe. You can sit while putting the shoe on so as to maintain balance. Besides, your first time should be quite gentle so as not to mess up the process.

Ensure that the whole foot settles on the insole of the shoe. The heel should not be hanging, even if you will be riding on the ball of your foot. You have to ensure that the foot rests safely before spinning.

Step 4: Buckle Up the Shoe

Your foot is safely settled in the shoe; now you can buckle up. Pull the string through the loop in the button of the buckle. Pull up the button, then release it with some force. You should hear a creaking sound.

The shoe should fit snug, but you have to be comfortable. Therefore, if you feel that the shoe opening is too tight, loosen the strap once more as in step 2, until you get you get your preferred fit.

Step 5: Repeat the Process with the Other Foot

Install the cleats, loosen the buckle, wear the shoes and adjust the buckle accordingly. Follow all the steps above for an awesome finish.

Done? Let’s hop onto how you will get on the peloton pedals;

How to Clip in Peloton Shoes on Pedals?

Note: Can’t get Peloton shoes to clip in (Peloton cleats won’t clip in)? The quick answer is:

There are three types of the solution below:

1# There were some faulty cleats sent out with the rectangle in the middle. It should be a circle. Try removing it and see if you can clip in then. If not, call Peloton, and they will send you new cleats

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2# Loosen the pedals’ screws and try them out again.


3# Lastly, if you couldn’t find any solution, order a pair of BV cleats from Amazon. It will work. ]

Now, let’s dive into a deeper discussion on how to clip in the Peloton shoes successfully onto the pedals.

Step 1: Stand Legs Apart on Each Side of the Bike

Ready to hop on the bike? Put your legs apart, each on either side of the bike. Holding the handlebars firmly, now you can head for the pedals. The handlebars will grant you substantial balance on the bike.

Step 2: Twist the Pedal to the 6 O’clock Position

One foot still on the ground, use the other to twist the pedal. The pedal should be in the 6 o’clock, ready for the first foot to clip in. this position will enable you to have the pedal flat, facing upwards actually.

Step 3: Now, Point Your Toe Down and Put Pressure

Ready for the clipping in? Now that the pedal is in the 6 o’clock position, lift the foot up a little. Point the toes downwards and place the ball of the foot on the pedal platform. Push the pedal to face downwards, a move that will facilitate the clipping in.

The cleats will clip in place with a creaking sound. Apply some pressure on the shoe, twisting it to get a stronger grip on the pedal. Now you are securely fit in the pedal with one foot.

Step 4: Clip in the Second Foot.

This will be a lot easier compared to clipping in the first foot. For one, your first foot is already stable and secondly, you are no longer stranger to the process.

Turn the first pedal to the 12 o’clock position, so that the other pedal is at the 6 o’clock position.

Clip in the second foot, using the heel to push it through to the pedal for increased pressure.

Now You’re Ready for the Ride!

Now you are ready to take off the spinning session, at least as far as your feet go.

When clipping out, you will simply kick the heel away from the pedal with force. Off you will be within seconds.

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Answers to more about putting on the peloton shoes are below;


Should my toe touch the end of my Peloton shoe?

Not exactly. The shoes should have some space remaining at the front. However, the space should be minimal, actually less than half an inch.

Space is not only suitable for breathability, but it also ensures that your toes do not hurt during the spinning sessions. remember that spinning is an intense workout, and feet comfort is paramount in achieving better cadence results.

Can you wear sneakers on the Peloton bike?

Yes, you can. peloton pedals are compatible with some toe cages, including peloton brand toe cages.

You can install these on your bike for fun with regular sneakers. If you want to use sneakers on peloton, you can check out our collection on toe cages for peloton bike.

Will peloton shoes come with cleats?

No, they won’t. You have to purchase the cleats separately from the shoes. However, you can order the two, so that they come in a single package.

Can two people ride on the same peloton bike?

Actually, even more than two people will ride on the peloton bike. If not all of you have the shoes, peloton toe cages will come in handy.

Peloton has options to change accounts. So, each one can log in to their individual account, yet the peloton bike is the same. You can make it a family workout equipment at will.

Wrapping Up

How to put on peloton shoes and clip into the pedal correctly is a matter of having the correct information. So simple it is, as long as you know the process.

Though it takes time in the first few instances, with time 2 minutes will be more than enough to have the shoes on. In any case, you will not have to install the cleats all the time. Once is enough to serve you for long.

The ball is now in your court. Start spinning now, and I hope you’ll be done with your century ride soon. Oh, you’ll get a t-shirt automatically after finishing your century ride with the peloton.