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What Does 700 x 28c Mean? Worth to Know

Bicycle tires come in varying sizes, and details of your bike’s tire size come in handy when replacing the tires or tubes. What does 700 x 28c mean? When you find such amongst your bike’s specifications, it connotes the tire’s dimeter and width. Basically, “700” is the diameter, and “28” is the bike’s tire’s width. Then, “c” refers to the part of the French sizing system that has the narrowest tires as “a,” and the widest tires as “d.”

How do I tell the Size of My Bike’s Tire?

The tire size is often available in your bicycle’s product description. However, you can still get that information from the sidewalls of the tire. Kindly take a look at the ”O’ shape of your tires as you stand, and you would see the sidewalls.

It usually appears smooth and free from knobbles, which often appear on the tire’s surface that reaches the ground surface. You can find many bicycles with the 700 x 28 wheelset, and if you want a tire replacement, you would need to get a new 700 x 28 tire.

What happens if you don’t use this exact size? It is not enough to use smaller or larger tires in place of the 700 x 28 sizing. You may soon start facing some issues with your bike, like tire punctures, if you do so. Nevertheless, you can get the right size of tires from your desired brand and the amount of tread you want.

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How do I get the Right Inner Tubes?

Since your tire size, in this case, is 700 x 28c, you have to get a 700 x 28c tube that matches perfectly. The tube is that part that is inflatable, or you can deflate through the valve’s help. When you decide to replace your bicycle’s inner tube, you must get one with the same diameter. So, you would be purchasing an inner tube that has a diameter of 700.

However, there is room for some adjustments in terms of the width. Here, your choice is dependent on the amount of air you would fill.

So, you can choose tubes with a width that ranges from 28 to 32. What does this mean? Any inner tube for your tires that falls in the sizing range of 700 x 28 to 700 x 32 would be suitable for a 700 x 28c tire.

It would help if you always have a spare inner tube, your repair kit, and an inflator or hand pump to enjoy smooth rides.

Aside from these, you should also know the type of valve your bicycle inner tubes have, as this would help you out in inflating the tire. It can either be Presta or Schrader valves.

Kindly note that the pump comes designed with these valve types in mind. So, you would need an extension when using a Schrader-designed pump for tubes with Presta valves.


Tires have varying sizes. The sizing systems differ based on the manufacturer and country since there is no universal system to follow.

What does 700 x 28c mean? When you see such on your tire’s sidewalls, it connotes the diameter and the width of the tire, following a French sizing system. You can read through this piece to learn more about tire and tube sizes.

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