Does Peloton Give A Corporate Discount?

Does Peloton give a corporate discount? Yes, it does. Peloton never ceases to surprise us, and other than the military and teacher discount, they now have a corporate discount. The discount targets employees of the same company, where they pay less for the digital app or get discounts on the tread and bike.

Several companies have already taken advantage of the offer, including Samsung and Nasdaq, and Accenture Interactive. Their testimonials and reviews of the companies will definitely lure you into wanting to be part of it.

Peloton Corporate Discount

Peloton announced the introduction of the corporate discount on June 2021 during a press conference through its president, William Lynch.

It was already expected that Peloton would introduce a corporate discount after acquiring the Peerfit property. The property was used to enhance team member welfare and wellness, and it was almost apparent that Peloton would adopt the idea. 

True to that, it did.

How Do Corporates Gain from the Corporate Discount at Peloton?

Essentially, the program helps company employees lead happier and healthier lives. Healthy employees will rarely take sick leaves, and they are also more productive, which is beneficial for the company. 

Besides, as Peloton indicates, it is a way for companies to attract and retain covetable talent. Peloton is a sought-after fitness company, and when your company has the fitness platform at a discount, even competitive talents will want to work with you.

Moreover, Peloton has a team of experts who come in handy with real-time solutions and advice. Better still, you can trust the experts with company information as they have a confidentiality code.

Peloton corporate program motivates employees to concentrate on their fitness as much as they concentrate on other aspects of their lives. In addition, Peloton has classes that facilitate mental wellness, such as meditation and yoga. Mental wellness, as we all know, is key to optimal productivity.

The physical fitness classes are interactive and immerse in music that leaves your employees feeling fresh and ready for a new day. Then there are the instructors, who never tire of talking consistently on the workout, all the time motivating, joking and creating just the platform anyone wants away from pressure.

Finally, who doesn’t want fit-looking employees that look happy and in shape in their company? This you will get with the corporate program at Peloton.

Is the Peloton Corporate Discount Available for Digital App Users?

Yes, it is. Whether you use the bike, the tread, or the App with Peloton, you will get a corporate discount. You can get your employees the most favorable option. If most have the equipment or could afford one, you can get the offer on Peloton equipment.  On the other hand, if most employees benefit from the app, taking the offer on the digital app will work best for you.

How to Access Peloton Corporate Discount Program

If you are reading this, it means you are considering the corporate discount that Peloton offers. In this case, you can reach out to Peloton using the link. It requires you to fill in your details, such as phone number, email address, and name, as well as the company details. 

Once you fill out the short form and submit it, Peloton will reach out to you with the details of the program.

Is the corporate discount program available globally? Sadly, the program is not yet global. However, I am following on the location availability details and will update you with the tiniest advancement. Anyway, the corporate discount is currently available in all states of the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and soon enough, Australia.

Peloton Platform Features for Corporates

The Peloton platform has features that corporates can use. Let’s dive into the most common;

1. Hashtags (#)

Peloton hashtags can be found underneath the user profile. When you click on the profile, you will see the ‘add hashtag’ option. Additionally, you can either use hashtags already existing on Peloton or create new hashtags.

As a company, you can create a common hashtag that identifies you when in the same class. You can interact and even compete on the Leaderboard as colleagues.

Other than that, you can join a hashtag that is a hot cup of tea at your institution. There, you can join in a discussion or even raise a discussion to get ideas from other people on Peloton.

2. Riding with Friends

Peloton allows you to ride, run or exercise with a friend or friends. You simply choose an on-demand class, set the date and time you want to take it, then head to the invite section. Invite colleagues or friends in your department. You can have a good time off work riding or running together, and even competing.

If you want to join a live class, you can communicate with your friends or look into the scheduled classes to see which ones your colleagues have signed up for. Then, join the classes as well to exercise with them.

With a Peloton spin tray, you can even work on your laptops, have a video conference, and send and receive emails while still on your peloton equipment.

3. Video Chats

Peloton equipment: the bike, the bike plus, the tread, and the tread plus have the option for video chats. You can video chat with a colleague during a class, communicate something about work or even have fun riding and running together.

4. Peloton High Fives

Peloton has high five options, which you give and receive for a milestone or an improvement on Peloton. So if you ride with your colleagues, at least you have people you know to give high fives to, and when you improve, you can expect some as well.

High fives keep you connected on the Peloton platform, and despite working out alone, you get the feeling of a live gym.

High fives are available on both the Peloton digital and on the Peloton pieces of equipment. It is also available for both the live classes and the on-demand classes. All you need is to check on the Leaderboard for the option.

5. Stacking Feature

Did you know that you could plan your workout schedule ahead of time? You can take classes for up to two weeks, add them to your stack, then take each when it’s time for your exercises without wasting time.

This feature is suitable for personal planning, especially during a busy week at work. It keeps employees punctual with work while getting some minutes for workouts that are already in their schedule.

6. 24/7 Availability and Convenience

Peloton classes are always available so that they can fit in any company’s schedule. So whether you have day workers or a 24-hour economy in your company, your employees will always get a class to suit them.

The on-demand classes are available regardless of the oddity of your available time. On the other hand, live classes are available from as early as 1 AM and ending from as late as 11 PM, given the difference in time for the different Peloton studios.

Peloton has studios in Los Angeles, New York City and London. So if you work out in odd hours and are in the US, you can take advantage of the London studio classes and vice versa.

Today, Peloton has classes in Spanish and German, on top of the standard English classes. Therefore, even when you have employees speaking either of the two foreign languages, they get an opportunity to enjoy the languages in fitness.

Bottom Line

So, Peloton offers corporate discounts, and they come with a tonne more benefits than just the discount. Technically, employees will definitely want to remain in the company with such a popular fitness company as a partner.

At the end of it all, both the corporates and the employees gain immensely from the program.

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