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How to Connect Apple’s BlueHeart to Peloton?

BlueHeart is an Apple app that finally allows you to drop the heart rate strap on Peloton and use your Apple Watch instead. True, the Apple Watch does not transmit the heart rate to the Peloton bike or tread. This is the gap that BlueHeart bridges.

All you need is an iPhone or an iPad and an Apple Watch newer than the first generation, and you are good to go. The connection works among the Apple Watch, the Apple gadget, say, the iPhone, and the Peloton equipment. And, as you would expect from Apple software, the projections are pretty impressive.

How Does Apple’s BlueHeart Work?

BlueHeart technically takes your heart rate projected on the Apple Watch and transmits it on your iPhone, then to your Peloton or gym equipment. It is free, that is, if you have no problem watching a 30-second ad before using the app. However, this can only work for casual riders, but not when you have a live class and a Leaderboard to run against.

Therefore, the app provides for an in-app purchase, which is $9.99 for unlimited access. For a cheaper option, the app offers for $6.99 payment option for a limited ad-free offer.

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BlueHeart projects the accurate heart rate track given by the Apple Watch. It is actually approximate, and most successful users agree that they are contented with the app.

The only problem with the app seems to be the poor connection between the iPhone and the Apple Watch. For instance, when the Apple Watch takes on the sleeping mode, the iPhone indicates that the connection between the two is over. This has discouraged some users who prefer the Scoche plus or other reliable heart rate armbands.

Nevertheless, we will tackle how you connect the gadgets for successful use of the BlueHeart app. We have also included a way around the annoying challenge of constant disconnection. And, who knows, if you already installed the app, you might just want to give it a final try.

How to Connect BlueHeart to Peloton

I will not lie that this is a simple process. I had to repeat it severally for a successful result. The best part is that when you are finally done, a repeat is a walk in the park.

So, here is the process of connecting the BlueHeart to peloton bike, bike plus, tread or tread plus;

You will need;

  • Peloton equipment (bike, bike plus, tread or tread plus)
  • Apple gadget (iPhone or iPad)- upto iOS 13.1
  • Apple Watch (2nd generation or newer)


Step 1: Download BlueHeart App

Ensure that you download the BlueHeart app from the AppStore and have it on your iPhone or iPad and the Apple Watch. It will appear among the apps on your gadgets.

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Step 2:  Open the BlueHeart App

Then, click on the Blueheart app on your Apple Watch. It will give you two options, spin and run. If you are on the tread, you will choose to run. In the same way, if you are on the bike, spin is your option.

Clicking on either run or spin will prompt your iPhone to request to open the BlueHeart. Go on and open BlueHeart on your iPhone.

An exciting pop-up will remind you to ‘grab your water bottle,’ ready for your workout.

Click on start, and get on to your workout.

Step 3: Connect to Your Equipment

If you have the 9.99 dollars in-app purchase, you can head straight for the ‘Connect to Your Equipment’option. However, if you are using the free app option, you will wait for the ad to play, then cancel it when the option presents itself. Then, you will have the opportunity to ‘Connect to Your Equipment.’

On your Peloton touchscreen, add the new heart rate monitor. It will either have the name ‘BlueHeart’ or your iPhone username. Connect it to your Peloton, and it will only take seconds to show the successful connection.

Finally, both your Peloton equipment and the Apple Watch will record your heart rate. Hence, you can enjoy a perfect peloton workout and still make progress on the Apple Health app.

What If the BlueHeart Connection to Peloton Fails?

If the three steps prove futile, you can try these tips;

  • You can reboot your iPhone, the Apple Watch, and the Peloton equipment
  • Remove BlueHeart from the list of heart rate monitors on Peloton.
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Nevertheless, you have to rest assured that your heart rate is still reading on Peloton even when your iPhone reads disconnected. Therefore, this should not discourage you, and you don’t have to repeat the process as long as you can see the heart rate progress on your Peloton tablet.

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Is It Safe to Use the BlueHeart Apple App with Peloton?

Yes, it is. When you download the BlueHeart app, all your details will be private. None of the personal information you add will display elsewhere, hence enhancing your security.

Actually, it uses Apple No-Tracking technology, which assures you of optimal safety with the Apple product.

The Bottom Line is;

Blueheart Peloton is among the best ways to connect your Apple Watch to Peloton equipment. We all agree that there are instances of failure and disappointments, but it is excellent once you have it on board. 

After all, you have only a few steps to prove it. You can start with the free package, and if it proves workable for you, you can proceed to the ad-free paid option.