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What Does 700 x 25c Mean? Know Right Away

When it comes to sizing the bicycle tires, there are a few questions in folks’ minds, as they refer to some bicycle conversion charts.

What does 700x25c mean? Well, using the French sizing system, 700x25c refers to the dimension of the bicycle’s tires.

Simply put, the tire’s nominal diameter is 700, and the tire’s width is 25, all measured in millimeters. Then, “c” signifies the width code, which seems pretty obsolete in recent times.

Finding the Bicycle Tire Size

 Do you find it challenging to decipher your bicycle tire size? Well, you can easily find it on your tire’s sidewalls – the rubber strip right above the wheel’s rim metal surface. Still unsure? Take a close look at the O-shaped tire and scan the rubber bit that goes around the wheel’s rim.

On the sidewall are some figures printed onto the rubber. These prints usually contain the tire brand and the size.

For instance, you may find “Continental,” the tire brand, and “700x25c,” the tire size. Kindly note that the 700x25c tire size has an equivalence of 28 x 1-5/8 x 1 in the English sizing system. Similarly, it has an equivalence of 28 x 1-1/4 in the German sizing system.

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Replacing your Bicycle Tires and Tube

When you decide to replace your bicycle tires, it is pretty crucial to get those with 700x25c. Yes, there are various size options available in the market, but they wouldn’t fit correctly.

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Nevertheless, there are various 700x25c tires that experts recommend in the market. You can also purchase a suitable 700x25c tube too.

Even with the tire size known, there are a few factors buyers should also consider before purchasing new tires. Two significant factors are:

  • The brand of tire
  • The amount of tread needed

Whatever brand of tire you buy, it should offer a smooth ride, fast, and resistant to punctures. Also, it would be pretty nice for riders to have a spare tube, as a flat tire can be annoying.

If you want to replace your bicycle’s inner tube, you would also need an inflator and two tire levelers.

Then, you can get your repair kits to get started and follow these steps:

  1. Start by removing the bicycle wheel
  2. Get the tube out
  3. Look out for a reason behind the flat tires
  4. Replace or repair the tube
  5. Once done, install the bike wheel

When getting new tubes for your bicycle, the critical thing is choosing those matching the bike’s diameter and width. Still, the width of your choice depends on how much air you fill. So, the inner tube size would fall within the range of 700×23 to 700×25.


What does 700x25c mean? Well, this figure connotes the diameter and width of your bicycle using a French sizing system. Bike tire sizing may seem pretty challenging for some riders.

Are you new to bike riding and would like to know the size of your bicycle’s tire? This piece explains where to find the size of the tire and how to explain the prints.

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