Bike Inner Tube Size Chart: How Do You Know?

Bike tubes can appear pretty weird, making it challenging for folks to make the right choice. If you’ve been finding it hard to pick the proper tube size for your bike, take some deep breaths. You are not alone, as the process may seep frustrating. Nevertheless, I would be revealing a simple guide that would make the whole process smooth.

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Knowing Inner Tube Size You

Can I use a smaller inner tube? These and more similar questions are often the concerns of most folks. The right-sized inner tube would be the perfect match for the bicycle and ensure a smooth ride. With most modern bicycles’ designs, it is pretty easy for you to know the size of tubes needed for replacements.

First, you should know the tires’ size, and you can get the details from the sidewalls of your tire. Take a quick glimpse around your wheel’s metal rim and check the smooth rubber part. You would find some figures printed on the tire, having the tire’s brand, dimension, and width – the tire code. The codes may be imperial, ISO/ETRTO, or metric.

Does it sound complex? Well, here are some examples:

  • 27.5 x 2.1 – imperial code
  • 37-622 – ISO/ETRTO code
  • 700 x 25c – Metric code

Although you may need the exact size you find on your tire walls for replacing the tubes, your choice can also depend on how much air you want to fill. You may need some extra wiggle room when it comes to replacing tubes. Yes, you would need the same diameter but a slight adjustment in the width. Suppose your tire size is 700 x 25c; you might need tubes within the range of 700 x 23 to 700 x 25.

Valves for Inner Tubes

Another important thing you should know is the valves for your bike’s inner tubes. Those metal bits you find sticking out of the sides on the inner tubes are the valves. You have to fit your pump to them to get the tubes inflated. Once you know your tube’s size, you would need to choose a suitable type of valve stem.

The two main types available are Schrader and Presta, and they come with varying features. The standard type for most cars and bikes is Schrader, as it appears short and is very durable. Nevertheless, Presta valves are premium and offer professional performance; they come longer and slimmer.

Why should you know the type of inner tube valves your bicycle has? Well, bike pumps come designed with these valves in mind. If you have a pump designed for Schrader-type of valves, you would need to get an adaptor if you would use it on tubes having Presta valves.

Bottom Line

When you decide to fit a new inner tube for your bicycle, you need to understand the bike’s inner tube size chart. Even though it seems complex, it is pretty easy, as you can get the right tube once you know the tire size of your bike. Don’t feel bothered; this article would help you through the process with simple explanations.

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