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Bicycle Inner Tubes Size Conversion Chart: Easily Explained

What are inner tubes? What size of inner tubes do I need for my bike? What valve types does my bike have? These are some common questions amongst various bicycle owners.

The inner tube provides an air cushion and ensures a smooth and comfy ride. It is the visible structure that you can inflate or deflate with the help of the valve.

The inner tube size conversion chart is crucial for making the right choice.

Determining Your Bicycle Tire’s Tube Size

Various countries have different manufacturers for tires and tubes. Hence, they’ve come up with various sizing systems to help folk pick the right tubes that match their bike.

Still, these systems appear pretty complex, and some persons may not understand.

Nevertheless, it is pretty straightforward, as you can tell the right size of tube your bike need from the tire size.

Usually, you can find the tire size on the sidewalls of most modern tires. You can find this information printed or appearing in a different color.

What should you expect? A glimpse would reveal the tire brand (Continental or Kenda) and the tire code. The code might follow any of these sizing patterns:

  1. ISO (ETRTO) sizing – you may find something like “50-559.”
  2. Metric sizing – “700 x 23.”
  3. Imperial sizing – “26 x 1 ¾.”

There is no universal system for sizing tubes and tires, but there is a simple explanation.

The first number you see is the tire’s nominal diameter. In essence, 700, 26, or whatever number that appears before the second number is your tire’s diameter, while the next number is the tire’s width.

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It would be best to have a little leeway regarding the sizing for choosing the right inner tube for your bicycle. The tube’s diameter should be the same as that of the tire, while the while may vary within a close range.

Assuming your tire size is 700 x 23, you can get tubes with a dimension of 700 and a width from 18 to 23. Thus, there would be some more space, if needed, for the air you fill.

Schrader vs. Presta – What You Should Know about Valve Types

The valve on the inner tube is handy, as it comes in handy for inflating or deflating the tubes.

Nevertheless, they are of two major types, which vary from tire to tire. You would find Schrader valves to appear shorter and fatter.

Whereas Presta valves are narrower and appear longer; you would find them on many bikes’ tires. If you have a pump for inflating your tubes, which has a design suitable for Schrader valves, you need an extension to use it on tubes with Presta valves.

Final Thoughts

The bicycle inner tube size conversion is pretty crucial, and bike owners should know such.

Although there are no universal sizing systems, you can find various countries sticking to a sizing pattern.

Nevertheless, this article explains what you should know about tire size and how such knowledge helps you choose the right inner tube for your bike.

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