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26-Inch Bike for What Size Person (Explained)

You need a bike to keep fit or reach some inaccessible areas within your town. However, you should have the right size bike, enabling you to move on different terrains with ease. Before settling for this kind of bike, you have to consider the weight and height of the person who will use it and its features. So, what size of a person should use a 26-inch bike?

If you’re planning to buy this bike, this guide is for you as we’ll discuss more about it in detail.

What Size of a Person Should Use The 26-Inch Bike?

In general, the bikes with 26-inch wheels are comfortable for people with 5’5” to 5’9” or (168cm to 180cm) height. If you are taller than mentioned height, you should look for 29-inch wheels for better riding experience.

Before you buy, It is advisable to know what size the 26-inch bike is, its cost, and the kind of person who can comfortably use it. We’ll help you understand all these here as we’ll answer all your burning questions here.

To start, you need to know that the 26-inch bike best suits bigger kids past ten years. But also, adults can ride this bike as it’s bigger. However, the height of the adult will largely determine whether they’re comfortable or not when riding the 26-inch bike.

The kids who have outgrown their smaller 24-inch bikes can upgrade to the 26-inch and enjoy riding. This bike has 26-inch tires, which is ideal for taller people.

Its wheels will enable you to overcome obstacles without putting much effort on the pedals. But you should note that the 26-inch bikes are a bit heavier, a reason a smaller kid of less than ten years shouldn’t ride it.

Features Of 26-Inch Bike You Need to Look at Before Buying

Every bike has unique features that set it apart from the rest. When looking for a bike to buy, look for features like;

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The Wheelset:

The kind of wheelset to go for will largely depend on the purpose you’re buying the bike.

If you’re going for bike racing, a 20-inch wheelset will do you good as they’re strong and can perform high jumps. But a 29-inch wheelset is an ideal choice for mountain bikes since they’re stronger and more durable.

However, a 26-inch wheelset is multipurpose and can withstand up to 300 pounds. A 24-inch wheelset, on the other hand, is a perfect choice for lightweight cyclists.


Before you buy a 26-inch bike, look at its frame. It should be comfortable to get the desired results. To know the size of the frame, measure the distance between the seat and crotch.

But a bike chart calculator can also help you here. This space needs to be wider enough to allow you to use the bike with less difficulty.


You also need a 26-inch bike with the best chainset. The chainset acts as the main engine of this bike and enables it to move back and forward.

You should note that chainsets differ depending on the terrain they will be used on.


You also need the best handlebars to enable you to be in charge of the bike’s movement.

Go for handlebars that correspond to your shoulder’s width. Such a handlebar will prevent you from straining and also be in full charge.


Comfortable paddles are crucial whenever you’re riding. So, look at the design of the paddles and how easy they’re to use.

Replace paddles that don’t run smoothly as they require you to use extra force to keep the bike moving. 


Don’t forget the brakes, which are crucial for any bike. It will help you control your bike’s speed in different situations. Go for the best brakes which will not require regular maintenance.

Difference Between A 26-Inch Bike and A 24-Inch Bike

The two bikes differ in so many ways. First, the 26-inch bike wheels are 26-inches, while the 24-inch bikes have tires with a diameter of 24 inches.

Additionally, the 26-inch bikes best suit both men and women that are a bit taller. But the 24-inch bikes are for children between 7 and 13 ages and shorter women.

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The two bikes, however, act as substitutes for each other. For example, if the 24-inch bike is smaller, upgrade to the 26-inch bike.

On the other, if you feel the 26-inch bike is bigger and uncomfortable, buy the 24-inch, which tends to be smaller. The two also have varying prices, attributed to their features and the brand you opt for.

Types Of Bikes to Opt for When Doing Your Shopping

Currently, several bikes in the market can make it hard for you to settle for the best. To avoid this confusion, you need to understand each type of bike by looking at its features and uses, then settle for one that meets your needs.

The types of bikes you can buy are;

Mountain Bike:

Buy a mountain bike if you’re looking for a bike to use when on road trips to the mountains or hills.

It’s a preferred choice among the youths who feel it’s stylish and enable them to do various tricks plus use it for different functions.

The tires of this bike are wider and knobby, which allows you to ride on slippery and challenging surfaces without any problem.

Mountain Bike Size Chart:

You can use the below size chart to guide you when looking for the right mountain bike to buy.

Height Of Bike in cmThe Recommended Frame Size (cm/Inches)
150-155 cm33-36 cm/13’’-14’’
160-165 cm35-38 cm/14’’-15’’
160-165 cm38-40 cm/15’’-16’’
165-175 cm40-43 cm/16’’-17’’
175-180 cm44-47 cm/17,5’’-18.5’’
180-185 cm46-49/18’’-19″
185-190 cm49-52 cm/19’’-20.5’’

Road Bike:

The road bike is a comfortable bike you can ride along the roadside. It allows you to ride at relatively higher speeds, giving the best experience while on the go.

It has a higher seat, and its handlebar is not raised, making you comfortable as you ride.

Road Side Bike Size Chart:

Height In cmFrame Size in cm (Performance/Racing)Frame Size in cm
155-160 cm47-49 cm46-48 cm
160-165 cm49-51 cm47-49 cm
165-170 cm51-53 cm48-50 cm
170-175 cm53-55 cm52-55 cm
180-185 cm57-60 cm55-57 cm
185-190 cm60-62 cm57-60 cm
190-195 cm62-64 cm60-62 cm

 City Bike

This is another bike you can buy and enjoy riding in urban areas. It’s a simple bike that’s much more comfortable, making it most people’s choice.

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What makes it stand out from the rest is the single-speed gear. This allows you to use it without much challenges as it’s easy to use and control.

City Bike Size Chart:

Height In cmRecommended Frame Size in cm
150-160 cm42-48 cm
160-170 cm48-52 cm
170-175 cm52-55 cm
175-180 cm55-58 cm
180-185 cm58-61 cm
185-190 cm61-63 cm
190-195 cm63-66 cm

What To Consider When Buying A 26-Inch Bike

There are certain things you need to consider before buying a 26-inch bike. This will allow you to enjoy using the bike without experiencing complications on the knees or back. You should consider;

Your Height:

You need to know your height before settling for the 26-inch bike. Your size will determine how long the cycle should be.

Using a shorter 26-inch bike means your knee length will be longer, so you’ll struggle to pedal. If you take a bike beyond your height limit, you will also strain to ride, resulting in back complications.

But then, if the 26-inch bike is longer than you, it will also result in other complications like reaching the pedal and controlling the cycle.

To avoid all these problems, buy a bike within your height range. Measure your height plus your leg’s length to help you settle for the right size bike.

Sizing Method For 26-Inch Bike

There are two main sizing methods to identify the right size for you. They include;

Method 1: Height Vs. Bike Size Method

One of the methods you can use to identify the right bike for you is by comparing your height to the size of the bike.

For example, for a person between 4’11” and 5’3″, the bike size should be 13-15 inches. But if you’re 5’3”-5’7″, go for a bike size of 15-16 inches. Anyone with a height ranging from 5’7″ to 6’4″ should settle for bike sizes between 16″ and 21″.

Method 2: Using the Space Between the Floor and Crotch

You can also use this method to identify the right bike size which suits your height and body structure. Measure your leg inseam and multiply it with 0.685 to get the right size city bike to buy.

But if you want a road bike, Multiply your leg inseam by 0.70. for the right mountain bike, multiply the leg inseam and 0.66.

For example, if your leg inseam is 76 cm, multiply it by 0.66 to know the size of the mountain bike to buy. This will give you 50 cm for a mountain bike and 53 cm for a road bike.

Bottom Line

26-inch bikes are for anybody comfortable riding it. However, your height will greatly affect whether you can ride it comfortably or not. When choosing this bike, ensure you look at its features to enjoy using it, as this guide has elaborated.

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