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How to Put Air In Bike Tires At Gas Station- 5 Steps Solution!

If you have decided to visit a gas station, then it is paramount that you inflate your bike tires with the recommended pressure. Underinflating or overinflating your bike tires can significantly affect the performance of your bicycle on the road.

Inflating your bike tires with the right pressure can improve the performance of your bike. When you overinflate or underinflate your bicycle, there is a likelihood of experiencing mishaps, particularly when you are cycling at high speeds.

Therefore if you want to be ahead of others, you should consider the following steps when inflating your bike tires.

Consider The Following When Inflating Your Bike Tires At Gas Station

Step One:

The first thing to do when at the gas station is to confirm whether the gas station has the exact pump device that will fit your bicycle valve.

The majority of the bikes have the conventional type of valve, but in present days Presta valves are common in some bikes.

Step Two:

The second thing to do at the gas station before inflating your bike tires is to make sure that the valve is in the right position that is close to the surface of the ground.

To efficiently infuse air, the pump must fit the valve well.

Step Three:

For bikes with Schrader ones and the ordinary bike valves, remove the plastic that covers the valve. For other types like Presta, remove the plastic cap and then twist the cap nozzle clockwise to remove it.

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After removing the cap, mount the pressure gauge to the valve and then put pressure up to the right Pound-force per square inch(PSI).

Step Four:

To find out if your bike tires are firm enough, bounce your bike a little bit. In case it does not have the recommended inflexibility go on adding air until you achieve the right pressure level.

You can decide to add more, but make sure you give an allowance of not more than 5 PSI to the advised level so that you do not overinflate your bike tires.

Step Five:

If it is a Presta valve, make sure you twist the cap after putting it back. For the ordinary bike valves, just put the plastic cap back.

Remember that the recommended pound-force per square inch should be used as a guide when inflating your bike. If, for instance, the recommended PSI is 40, you can decide to fill up to 45PSI, but going above that is overinflating your bike tires.