Can You Listen to Your Own Music on Peloton?

No, you can’t listen to your own music instead of the instructor-set music during a Peloton class. However, this does not mean that you are limited.

There is an option to mute the instructor’s voice and just follow the class cues. Meanwhile, you can turn on music from your phone or tablet full-blast during the Peloton class.

If you are more explorative, you can also use the Peloton webview browser to listen to all the music you desire from Peloton, off the classes.

Let’s learn about how you can do this and much more surrounding your own music and Peloton.

Can You Listen to Your Own Music in Peloton Classes?

No, you can’t listen to your during your Peloton regular instructor-guided classes from the Peloton device. Unfortunately, that means that you cannot listen to music that you have saved on the Peloton bike, tread, or app during a Peloton class. 

However, you listen to your own music using other devices such as phones, Bluetooth speakers, and others.

You can opt for music genres that you love during a Peloton class, though from the instructors’ playlist. In addition, Peloton offers an option to filter on-demand classes by music, hoping you can get close to the music you actually desire, if not a similar combination.

As for the Peloton personalized music, you can always take a scenic ride or run, Just Ride or Just Run, while listening to your playlist. Sometimes I just feel like warming up to my own music, so I take the Just Ride option for my ride. And, it is even better with beautiful sceneries during a Scenic Ride in the music I prefer for my road trips. The two options are enough to hype me for a day that I felt would turn dull.

If you are more explorative, you can also use the Peloton webview browser to listen to all the music you desire from Peloton, off the classes.

But what if I sync my Spotify music to Peloton? Admittedly, Peloton’s music is awesome. However, no playlist seems to beat one’s personalized music collection, not even when it’s from Peloton. 

Therefore, it is not uncommon to want to just play your music occasionally rather than the instructor’s music. At the same time, you may still want to listen to the instructor, especially if you have an ongoing challenge or program.

To be honest, most of us connected our Spotify accounts to Peloton, hoping that we would listen to our own music at times. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There is no option to listen to music on your bike from an external source, not even Spotify.

On the contrary, linking your Spotify account to Peloton helps you get Peloton music on the Spotify app. Therefore, you can sync the songs you love during a Peloton class to your Spotify account. Then, you can listen to the songs later on wherever you want, away from the bike or treadmill.

After all, we have to understand that instructors spend a great deal of time coming up with a playlist that actually matches the class. Hence, it is understandable why Peloton doesn’t have an option for own music during instructor classes.

Is It Possible to Play My Own Apple Music Playlists when I Take Classes (Pilates, strength, etc.) on My Peloton Bike?

No, it is not possible to stream music from your playlist to the Peloton bike. However, you have the alternative to use an external speaker or device to listen to the music while you bring down the Peloton class volume.

Tips: Alternatively, if you want the instructor loud and clear and still listen to your music, you can use Peloton Audio Mix. Tap on more instructors so that the class music is quite distant to allow for your personalized music while the instructor becomes clearer. On the other hand, if you choose more music, the class’s music will dominate the instructor’s voice. Usually, the class has a balance of 1:1 music to instructor voice ratio.

Peloton Scenic Rides with Own Music

Fortunately for the Peloton bike and tread owners, you can actually listen to your own music using other devices during scenic rides. Scenic rides may be guided, distance and time-based.

My favorite scenic rides are the distance rides, especially through Hawaii. Usually, I will use the Peloton playlist that I save on Spotify. This way, I feel I’m on Peloton with my best tracks playing. Don’t get me wrong; Peloton scenic rides have fantastic music. However, my first preference is listening to my favorite tracks while muting the Peloton music. So I always grab my headphones and hit the road like I was on a road bike.

Regardless, when playing your own music, you would have to mute the Peloton for your music to dominate. After all, there is no instructor you need to listen to when taking distance and time-based classes.

Can You Play Your Own Music on the Peloton App?

No, you can’t play your own music on the Peloton app. Actually, when you think about it, the Peloton bike and treadmill have options to play personalized Peloton music. This is because they have the Just Ride/ Run and Scenic Rides/ Runs options.
However, the Peloton digital app has neither of these features, and all the classes are instructor-guided. Thus, Peloton app users have to stick to instructor music.

Nonetheless, the digital app users can opt for an external music player during Peloton classes. This includes Bluetooth speakers, from where you can listen to your own music as you take Peloton class.

How to Sync your favorite Peloton music with Apple Music or Spotify

Sometimes you just can’t imagine that a playlist or song you loved in class will just be gone. Then, you would probably forget about it and probably never add it to your playlist afterward.

However, with the Peloton Love feature, you can now add Peloton music to your personal playlist. Every track has a ‘love’ sign on the right side music icon, which you click if you want to save the song to your playlist.

However, if you just save the song on Peloton and don’t add your Spotify or Apple Music account, the playlist will only remain on Peloton. But what’s the fun if you cannot incorporate the music you enjoyed so much when taking a road trip or a hike?

The good news is that you can sync Apple Music and Spotify accounts to Peloton. Then, when you love a song and add it to the playlist, it syncs directly to your Apple Music or Spotify playlist.

How do you sync your Peloton music to Apple Music or Spotify? First, you have to ensure that your music account syncs to Peloton.

If you haven’t, here is a quick process for you;

A. How to Connect Peloton Music to Spotify

If you use an Apple Music account, let’s get into syncing it with Peloton;

  1. First, tap on the username, which displays at the bottom left corner of Peloton
  2. Then, a music panel will display, which you should click. Select ‘Connect’ from the panel.
  3. This brings you to a pop-up with the Spotify option. Again, click on connect.
  4. You will be prompted to sign in with your Spotify account. So, enter the email and password, then agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. With the Spotify app synced to Peloton, you will always see your saved music from Peloton on Spotify. However, it may not reflect immediately, but it should in a couple of minutes.

B. How to Connect Peloton Music to Apple Music

Let’s dig into the process;

  1. Tap on your username at the bottom left corner on Peloton.
  2. A music panel will appear, with a ‘Connect’ option on the left panel. Click on connect.
  3. This leads you to music, then a pop-up with Apple Music. So, connect to Apple music.
  4. Sign in to the Apple Music account using your username and password. Enter the verification code requested, and click on ‘Allow’ so that Peloton syncs to your Apple Music.

Note that; Peloton music has US Spotify Copyrights. Therefore, it may not be available internationally, but only within the USA.  In this case, you will find that the song doesn’t display on your Spotify playlist. And while it displays on Apple Music, it greys to indicate that you will not manage to play it.

How to View Your Favorite Peloton Music from Apple Music or Spotify

Peloton music will only display on your Apple Music or Spotify if you save the song on Peloton. Hence, thankfully, linking your music account to Peloton will not get your account populated with all the music you listen to on Peloton.

Therefore, you can only view your favorite Peloton music that you actually save by clicking on the ‘Love’ feature beside the song.

So, once you click on the song, give it a few minutes to sync to your music account. Then, log in to your Apple Music or Spotify from another device. Your playlist from Peloton should display. 

What happens to my Peloton music when I disconnect my Spotify or Apple Music App from Peloton? Well, Apple Music and Spotify will create a new playlist for you, with the Peloton music you already saved available. However, you cannot add more music from the Peloton unless you reconnect the account to Peloton.

How to Listen to Pandora on Peloton

You can listen to Pandora either on the Peloton screen and forego a Peloton or class or use an external device while taking a Peloton class.

How to Listen to Pandora on Peloton Bike/ Treadmill

I will simplify the process for you in a summarized form;

  1. Click on Settings, then the Device Settings.
  2. Tap on About Tablet, which leads you to Legal Information.
  3. Here, click on System Webview Licences on the screen.
  4. Then, tap on the Homepage link here, which leads you to a spectrum of credits and licenses.
  5. Click on one of the licenses available, and it will give you a warning; WARNING: Browsing Websites Could Void Your Peloton Warranty
  6. If you are still ready to proceed, click on the Android WebView Browser Tester, which opens up possibilities for other Peloton browsing features.
  7. Type in, log in to your Peloton account and enjoy Pandora music using the search engine.

Can You Take a Peloton Class with Pandora Music?

Usually, Peloton classes will not open while you use the Tablet to open the Pandora site. However, you can consider taking the Just Ride option on the Peloton right before you get into the Pandora opening process.

Play Pandora Music from Your Phone During Peloton?

Playing Pandora from your phone or any external device is the simplest option for coupling Pandora music with Peloton classes. So, you will mute the Peloton class while you blast the Pandora music during a Peloton class.

Let’s get into the process;

  1. Log in to your Pandora account on your personal device, and select the music you want in the Peloton class.
  2. Then, take a Peloton class and mute the sound while you turn on the Closed Captions feature in the class. The feature allows you to follow the instructor’s instructions without their voice.
  3. However, if the class doesn’t have the Closed Captions feature, you can use the Audio Mix feature in the class. Here, select more instructors so that the instructor’s voice dominates the music while your Pandora music reigns in the background.

How To Play Your Own Music On A Peloton Bike And Tread Off The Classes

Some of us are into adventure, and limitations can be boring. These limitations include having to play, say, Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora music just from the Pandora app.

With a Peloton bike or tread, you could actually play the music from these accounts into your Tablet. However, note that this is a risky venture that could nullify your Peloton warranty.

So, essentially, you will have to convert your personal music. Use either of the following sites;

Then, upload the music to your Google Drive.

Finally, you can open your Peloton touchscreen for playing music.

Start with the Settings>>> Device Settings>>>Product Information.

Once you have the product information, your bike or tread number, click on the blank space seven times.

This will lead you to a series of Android features on the Peloton device, which is primarily an Android Device.

Click on the Android Webviewer Tester, which opens up browsing options on the touchscreen.

Enter your google drive URL, and stream the music you got from your music account, right from Peloton.

You can also stream Youtube and other platforms directly to listen to music via the Peloton Webview browser


Q1. How to change the music on Peloton?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the Peloton music. The instructors customize the playlists for specific classes, and only that music will play during the class.

Q2. How to play music on Peloton?

If you want to play music rather than listen to more of the instructor, you can use the Peloton audio mix, available in Peloton classes. Therefore, use the music icon that appears on the right side of the screen during the class. Select More Music. Then, the instructor’s voice will be in the background while you hear the music with more clarity and volume.

Final Thoughts

You cannot listen to your own music during Peloton instructor-led classes unless from your mobile device. However, during the Just Ride/ Run and Scenic Rides, you can mute Peloton and listen to your own playlist on Apple Music or Spotify.

Therefore, you can take your own favorite music from Peloton during classes and set up your playlist, which you listen to when not in class.