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Does Peloton Have Rowing Classes? All You Need to Know

Yes, Peloton now have classes dedicated to rowing.

Peloton rowing machine has arrived, Peloton could actualize more adverse rowing classes sooner than later.

Peloton and Rowing Classes?

When Orangetheory closed down in 2020 following the Covid pandemic, a significant number of members shifted to Peloton. It was the best consolation, especially since Peloton has both HIIT and Bootcamp classes, not to mention Tabata, that would resemble an Orangetheory class.

On top of that, Peloton has Power Zone classes, which have goals and targets that resemble the Orangetheory version.

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While these people enjoy the Peloton classes, optimal satisfaction seems to lie in rowing classes.

During the 2021 Peloton conference, John Foley addressed the rumors that Peloton was releasing a rowing machine. And now it already arrived.

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The Benefits of Rowing Classes on Peloton

Peloton would be great with rowing classes due to the following reasons;

  • Peloton has a competitive digital platform with all the desirable features of digital workout classes.
  • The Peloton Leaderboard facilitates competition, which is great for interaction and pushing oneself o secure a good position among competitors.
  • Peloton’s community is amazing for motivation and mental therapy even when one is working from home.
  • Truth be told, the rower is quite challenging to master and utilize fully. However, you will definitely manage the workouts with the Peloton platform, beginner classes, and overly talkative instructors.
  • The rower provides full-body workout opportunities, more than both the bike and the treadmill. Therefore, the rower is the best option for shedding calories and toning muscles for people who just want equipment workouts without shifting. After all, it targets most body parts, from the legs, the abs, the back to the chest, and the arms.
  • Peloton would have a wider range of workouts to offer to their fans with the additional equipment workouts.
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Therefore, rowing classes would greatly incorporate the Peloton workouts, both for the company and the Peloton users.

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Final Thoughts

Does Peloton have rowing classes? Yes peloton have rowing classes. I will keep you updated if any latest news surfaces about Peloton rowing classes.

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