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How to mount a bike rack without eyelets?

For many people, when they want to carry heavy luggage on their bikes, they usually tie it to the bicycle rear rack. They do this because putting bulky items in front of a biker will obstruct the cyclist and also distract the biker when cycling. Bicycle carriers are supplemented with bike bags which are mounted to the bike frame, and these are the bags where you place your items.

A bike rack is carefully made in a way that is pleasing in that when bags are hung on both sides of the rack, they look attractive. The bags are hung in a way that when the biker is cycling, they will not swing either on other moving parts of the bike or disrupt a biker’s pedaling feet. To achieve a stable center of gravity, the bike rack is usually positioned lower to the ground surface; hence the bike will become more stable despite the heavy luggage on it.

Mounting of a Bike Rack

Most bicycles have already mounts or eyelets around the metal frame, so mounting a bike rack is quite simple. You only need to have sturdy racks round the back of the bike and the front. If your bike doesn’t have the mounts or eyelets, then use clamps to mount the rack around the frame. This is probably not the best option because it is not sturdy enough, but it will serve your needs at the time. Most bags are made in a way that they will universally mount onto almost any rack.

Even though most cyclists prefer installing the rear rack first, there have been observations pointing out that the front wheel of the bike tends to pull up especially when riding up an elevated slope. This is due to the imbalance which is brought about by the load which can be easily solved by placing saddlebags at the front of the bicycle to counteract the massive difference in weight relative to the rear end of the bike.

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Hence, if you are planning of climbing slopes and hills, you would want to look into another accessory for your bicycle known as the front rack.

The touring you will be performing will also ascertain the size of luggage you ought to get. If for instance, you will be travelling a long-distance tour, you will need a bigger front and rear bags. Around the other hand, if it’s just a simple weekend road trip, you could get away with only using the rear bags. Ensure all of your equipment fits within the carrier, and everything is well balanced between the two sides. Take a simple ride around your compound before you get out on the main trip. This may make sure that you have created the right buy and can head out on the road with your new bicycle rack.

Remember your wellbeing while picking your bike racks. If you are a learner, attempt littler bike racks with low weight and increase the weight and the size of the bike racks as you become familiar with cycling.

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