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What Does 700c Mean on a Bike? Ultimate Guide

“700c” is a common designation used in bike wheel sizes, particularly for road and hybrid bikes. It refers to the diameter of the tire and the rim, measured in millimeters, and it’s used to standardize wheel sizes for these types of bikes.

Understanding 700c Bike Wheel Size

When you see the term “700c” on a bike, it refers to the wheel size. The “700” represents the approximate diameter of the tire and rim combined, measured in millimeters.

The “c” is often used to indicate that it’s a clincher tire type, which is the most common type of tire used on road and hybrid bikes.

Common Applications

The 700c wheel size is predominantly found on road bikes, hybrid bikes, and some touring bikes. It’s designed to offer a balance of speed, efficiency, and smooth rolling on paved roads and various riding conditions.

Key Features and Considerations

Efficiency: The 700c wheel size, with its larger diameter, allows for better efficiency and speed on smooth surfaces. It’s optimized for road riding where maintaining a higher pace is important.

Tire Variability: Within the 700c designation, there’s room for tire width variability. You can find 700c tires in a range of widths, from narrower options for more speed to wider options for added comfort and traction.

Hybrid Bikes: Hybrid bikes, which combine features of road and mountain bikes, often use the 700c wheel size. This provides a versatile ride suitable for both urban commuting and light off-road trails.

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Tire Types: The “c” in 700c signifies that it’s a clincher tire, which is the most common type of tire used on road bikes. Clincher tires have a bead that hooks onto the rim and require an inner tube to hold air.

Rim Compatibility: When selecting tires for 700c wheels, ensure compatibility with the rim’s width. Wider rims can accommodate wider tires for enhanced comfort and stability.


In the world of cycling, the term “700c” is a crucial component of understanding bike wheel sizes, particularly for road and hybrid bikes.

It signifies a standardized diameter that contributes to the performance, speed, and efficiency of the bike.

Whether you’re a road cyclist seeking optimal speed or a hybrid rider looking for versatility, the 700c wheel size offers a range of tire options to match your riding preferences.

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