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Top 10 Cycling Mistakes to Avoid for a Beginner – Briefly Described

When we were beginner cyclist, we made a lot of misstates including me. And yes, we do mistake it’s too obvious for a beginner but we need to study a bit and know ‘How to avoid those cycling mistakes?’

So today, I’m going to discuss about Top 10 Common Cycling Mistakes to Avoid for a Beginner. Stick with me; it will be fun to learn.

Less Concentration or Attention During Cycling

As a new cyclist; during riding, you have to pay attention to other vehicle on the road like when they pass by or overtake or speed up near to you etc.

Also Cycle in right lane, give side to the emergency vehicle and pay more attention when cycling in front of school etc.

Wrong Cycling Accessories

Choose the specific cycling accessories, not more or not less.

For example: when you go for mountain biking use mountain biking must have accessories like clothing, shoes, helmet etc.; for road biking, use road bike accessories; for gravel biking, use gravel bike accessories.

It will help you to keep safe and comfortable.

Incorrect Saddle Height

Saddle height should be optimum with your height because if the saddle placed too high or too low, stroking power won’t deliver properly from leg to paddle.

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When you paddle, your leg should be straight once during stroking. Measure this distance at the bottom paddle to your saddle and fix your saddle height according to.

Not Using the Right Gear or Choosing the Wrong Gear

Beginners have the problem with changing gear or cycle with wrong gear. Ask your bike shop technician or a pro biker that how to use the gears in right way.

They will explain which the easiest gears are when you get up hills; which are the fast gears for speed on the flat road and downhill, and how to shift into them easily.

Practice these things in an open field or back street and then go out for the ride.

Not Enough Energy

When you go out for a ride, you should take extra foods and drinks along with you for self-fueling.

Cycling is a good exercise and burn huge calories, you must take some foods during break or it can be a Choco at least on the cycle time; otherwise you’ll get tired soon.

Dehydration Problem

This is one of the most important things that you must take water in a regular interval during cycling; otherwise you’ll get dehydrated after a lot of sweating.

You can take glucose water or fruit juice or mineral water bottles with you to keep you hydrated.

No Spare Kit

As a bicycle rider you need to ensure that you’ve packed a few essential spares and tools that could get you home with least hassle.

As a guide and pro rider I always take with me the following important items in my saddlebag under the saddle or sometimes in my pockets (little ones).

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These will get you out of the most common problem in road. And multi-tool is a must have essentials for a cyclist.

  • Inner tubes (2x)
  • Tyre levers
  • Patches (instant stick on type are the best)
  • Mini Pump to Inflate tyre instantly(or CO2 inflator)
  • Multi tool kit to tighten most things during riding (ideally with chain link extractor)

Unsuitable Clothing

Clothing is another important factor if you want to ride comfortably. Always follow the weather forecast before you set out for cycling.

If the weather condition is good, you can wear shorts, cotton t-shirts etc for regular road cycling. For cold weather or rainy weather or stormy weather, wear more overdress than underdress and vice-versa for summer weather.

It would be best if you always take water-proof or wind-proof suit with you during cycling.

But for mountain biking or climbing you may need extra clothing due to uphill chilling weather.

Poor or Irregular Bike Maintenance

Bike should be maintained regularly for personal safety measure. It’s my habit to go bike service shop in regular interval to check some basic things weather it’s okay or not, like brakes, gears, chain, handlebars and tyres.

I always clean my bike after I riding and lubricate the chain. Thus your bike last long and you can ride safely.

Unplanned Riding – Riding Far or Hard or Quick

As you’re a new rider, don’t go unplanned here and there; don’t cycle fast; don’t go too far. Firstly, ride within your ability.

I’m telling this because you may feel sick as cycling is hard sport and its need huge energy.

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Train yourself first in a steady way, progress day by day then go out for long ride or hard ride.

Bad Braking Habit

Don’t grab the brake suddenly; it’s a one of the major reason for an injury. When you need to slow down;

  1. Look ahead and Set your mind first
  2. Then stop pedaling,
  3. Change lane, ride aside of the road and
  4. Then brake slowly with front and rear both simultaneously.

Final Words

So, these are the Common Cycling Mistakes to Avoid for a Beginner. And I must say; follow your fellow riders during cycling to avoid possible mistakes or injury.

Hope this article will help you to improve cycling as you’re a new rider. Stay tuned.