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Best Mountain Bikes for Wheelies in 2024 – Top 5 Picks

Mountain bikes are about the most trusted bikes when it comes to wheelies. Even then, there are mountain bikes that are specifically designed to accommodate ideal and safe wheelies in all dimensions. The rear is really strong, the seat highly adjustable, and, of course, the front part quite light.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in wheelies looking for a more thrilling and performing bike, we got your back.

We have narrowed to unending list into only the 5 best mountain bikes for wheelies, in addition to a buying guide on the best mountain bikes for wheelies.

5 Best Mountain Bikes for Wheelies: Review 

Actually, you can now sit comfortably, because I can bet that you will really be excited at the prospect of getting one of these bikes for wheelies. Reason? They are just too ideal to be ignored.

So, shall we get the show on the road on the mountain bikes for wheelies?

1. Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Mountain Bike: Enjoy a Wheelie in the Snow

Looking for a mountain bike for wheelies that will traverse snowy, muddy and sandy conditions with ease? The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Mountain Bike could be exactly what you are looking for. So, let’s look at what the amazing bike has to offer.

Fundamentally, the mountain bike features fat tires, which are all-terrain. Therefore, you can confidently ride off-road with the bike in all confidence. Being a fat tire bike, winter and soft road conditions will not deter you from undertaking your wheelie stroll. The rear wheel will definitely get a grip of the road, while you undertake your wheelie ride with all the ease.

Moreover, the bike is steel-framed, which makes it quality and strong. Actually, the limited lifetime warranty is an obvious guarantee of the quality of the bike.

If you are a beginner, then you have to know that when doing a wheelie, the lowest seat position on the bike is the best. This bike has a thread less headset, which is adjustable to the lowest position that you will find comfortable for your height.

With alloy rims keeping the weight down on the front wheel, suspending it in the air will be quite simple for you. On the other hand, the rear derailleur has 7 speeds for ease in uphill riding. Adding to the twist shifters that make it easy to change gears during the ride, you can decide to go wheelie and back whenever you feel like.

As for your safety, the bike features cruiser pedals that glue you to the bike. Coupled with the front and rear disc brakes, you don’t have to fear accidental slips and falls.

Lastly, the bike comes fully assembled, so you won’t have to go through the trouble. The height of the seat adjusts to accommodate people between 5’6 and 6 feet tall people.

  • Fat bike, hence great for soft conditions
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Safety measures with brakes and pedals
  • Fully assembled on delivery
  • Minimal user height range

2. Diamondback: Good Mountain Bike for Wheelies

Is your kid already into wheelies, yet only 8 or 9 years of age? Since it might not be easy to dissuade them when all their friends are doing it, then it would be better to gift them a supportive bike, such as this Diamondback piece.

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Built in Shimano Tourney 3 by 7 speed drivetrain, the bike presents 21 speeds in total. Being a Shimano, you can only imagine the strength of the drivetrain. Whether your young one wants to venture into dirty trails off-road or go uphill while trying out a downhill wheelie, this bike will be an invaluable asset.

Featuring a HI Zoom 40mm travel fork, the bike is able to soak up roots and rocks during these off-road adventures.

While a decent braking system is essential for everyone, for the kids it is a major concern. Therefore, the Diamondback bike uses linear pull brakes, which have levers that are easy to reach regardless of the position of the kid.

Then there is the bike frame, which is ultra-durable steel. This material endures every bike trick that your young girl will try to thrill in. The wide tires, in turn, add to the traction of the rear wheel during the wheelie sessions.

  • Best for younger girls training
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Easy and safe braking system
  • Excellent choice for rough trails


  • The bike has no kickstand

3. Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike: Best for Men

A powerful piece of equipment, this bike is among the longest mountain bike that can handle wheelies, at 29 inches. Designed from aluminum and a suspension fork that reduces bumps to simple road blocks, you will not go wrong with the strength of the bike.

Then there are the 24 speed trigger shifters, which are, to your advantage, Shimano EZ Fire, hence guaranteed quality. Combined with the rear and front Shimano derailleurs, changing gear into wheelie and back to normal riding will be a walk in the park.

Other than that, the bike uses front and rear mechanical disc brakes, which enhance an instant stop whenever you need one. With durable alloy cranks to provide a steady gearing and ride, your safety and balance will be assured.

And let’s not forget that the mountain tires are quite wide, measuring 2.25 inches for the width. Hence, this facilitates optimal balance when one wheel has to maintain the whole bike.

Despite having double-wall alloy rims, the wheels are quite light, making it easy to suspend the front wheel in the air longer. And since the bike comes fully assembled, you can as well hope on it for a ride as soon as it arrives.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Perfect size for adults
  • Highly effective braking system
  • Assured stability


  • Wobbling cassette, which you can adjust for stability

4. ROYCE Union RHT Men’s Mountain Bike: Lightweight Yet Performing Bike

For a lightweight yet impressively strong mountain bike for wheelies, then I would bet for this bike from ROYCE. This stems from the whole frame is hardtail aluminum, and the handlebars and stem designed from alloy. The 3-piece crank is also NECO alloy, with 11 x 42 cassettes that enhance the bike’s quality while minimizing the weight.

To optimize comfort and grip during a wheelie, the bike uses WTB Trail II grips, while the saddle is WTB Volt. Adding safety from the dual hydraulic disc braking system, what more could you ask for?

But wait! The bike further features a Shimano SLX 2 by 11 shifter, which then pairs with Shimano SLX 11-speed index to bring a total of 22 speeds. Regardless of your road situation, changing gears will just be easy on this mountain bike.

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Also, the bike fork uses Suntour XCT suspension, with 100mm travel to enhance a front wheel stability. And, when it’s time for your wheelie, this is never part of your challenge.


  • Lightweight yet impressive quality and performance
  • Comfortable grip and seating area
  • Quality braking system
  • Stable rear wheel assurance


  • Inaccurate inseam measurements, so you need to confirm

5. Huffy 26” Trail Runner Women’s Mountain Bike: Best for Women

For a comfortable bike for the women who love wheelies, then this Huffy bike is a great option. Coming in gloss metallic mint color, the bike is a good representation of an elegant bike for women.

First off, the grips are Krayton, which is really comfortable and safe regardless of the terrain that you undertake your wheelie in. Then there is the ATB saddle, which has contrasting stitching to enhance the comfort, regardless of the distance and position on the bike.

For superior performance and maximum braking, the bike uses alloy linear pull brakes. With the dual suspension steel frame and fork, it won’t matter the terrain you decide to take on before getting to your wheelie area.

Not to mention the Shimano derailleur, which guarantees you of optimal rides off-road even in the worst conditions. The 21-speed gear shifters further make it easy to change gear on different terrains, and so easily at that.


  • Women’s design, hence perfect for women
  • Comfortable grips and seat for longer rides
  • Excellent braking system


  • The suspension could make a wheelie more difficult, hence not great for beginners.

A Buying Guide on the Best Mountain Bikes for Wheelies

When buying a mountain bike for wheelies, you need to take the following factors into consideration:

Bike Strength

Bikes that allow for wheelies are really strong, mostly made from aluminum, or steel alloys. This stems from the fact that you will shift the whole weight to one part of the bike, which has to be capable of handling it.

If your bike is not strong enough, then a wheelie will definitely damage the bike, hence the concern.

Quality of the Bike Parts

The bike parts have to be quality for a bike to qualify for a wheelie, especially the rear parts. This is because during a wheelie, the whole weight of the bike and the user will shift to the rear. Thus, the rear part has to be sturdy enough to handle the weight.

These parts include the rear wheel and tire, the rear derailleur, the crank and the seat post.

Braking System

A bike for wheelies should have quality braking system, both for the front and rear wheels. When you want to finish a wheelie, your rear wheel has to stop or roll slower. When on the wheelie ride, you need an effective brake for when you suddenly need to stop.

Besides, doing a wheelie on a mountain bike means that sometimes you will want to try out the wheelie when sprinting downhill. Brakes come in handy, because you don’t want to ride a speed that you cannot control in this position.

Seat and Handlebar Height Adjustment

When doing a wheelie, your seat should be adjustable to the lowest position for your height, while the handlebars run higher. Therefore, you need a bike whose seat and handlebars adjust to enhance a proper position during a wheelie.

Length and Width of the Tires

The tires length will mostly depend on your height for maximum comfort on the bike. If you are tall, then longer wheels will do you justice. This further helps in a wheelie, where you want to have the bike seat lower for stability.

Moreover, the bike wheels need to be wide, so as to enhance stability. You will be more confident doing a wheelie on a bike with wider tires, since you will only have to work with one wheel.

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Traction of the Tires

The tires have to bring forth optimal traction on the ground you intend to venture into. This you can tell from the tread of the tires, especially the rear tire. If the tire has the best traction, then you will have no problem leaving the rear tire to carry the load of the whole bike and not slip off-trail.

Personal Comfort

Personal comfort is just as important as all the other factors in a good bike for wheelies. This is because if you are comfortable, doing a wheelie will be easier, and you will not risk falling from bad positioning.

Personal comfort on a bike could be from a good pedal grip, comfortable seat and handlebar grips and so on. Moreover, you can check the inseam that the bike accommodates, in addition to the maximum height and weight that you should be. This way, you will not just be comfortable on the bike, but also confident trying out a wheelie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best bikes for wheelies?

The best bikes for wheelies should be strong constructions, with the rear end quality and sturdy. The rear tires also have to be wider for stability during the wheelie. On the other hand, the front arear should be quite lightweight for easy lifting.

Is it possible to wheelie on a bicycle?

Yes, it is possible to wheelie on a bicycle. You will only need to identify the strength of the bike, and also the type of tires that your bike uses to gauge whether it will be up to the task.

How do you do a wheelie for beginners?

If you are a beginner, then you will first and foremost need an ideal bike for wheelies. Then, ensure that the bike seat is low, the handlebars higher and closer to the seat.

Cycle the bike in a smooth area to avoid fright from obstructions during your first sessions. When the bike is moving smoothly, you can lean back, and with your weight the front wheel will rise. Pedal from that position with all the ease that you can master.

Does wheelie damage the bike?

No, it doesn’t damage the bike, as long as the bike is up to the task. Ensure that the bike falls in the categories described in the buying guide before trying out a wheelie on it.

The only time you can expect damage from a wheelie is when you are using a bike that is not up to the wheelie task.

How do you pop a wheelie on a mountain bike?

Ensure that the seat is at the lowest, and the handlebars closer to the seat. Then, when sure that the bike will move on its own, stop pedaling and slant backwards to shift your bodyweight back. This way, the front wheel will also suspend in the air, hence a wheelie on a mountain bike.

Parting Shot

Best mountain bike for wheelies? Depends on you, but that should not bother you. The bikes presented above cover at least the major categories of people looking for a mountain bike for wheelies. And that’s not all; you have the advantage of using the bike just perfectly even for normal mountain biking rides.

So, the ball is now in your hands, and doing a wheelie on an awesome bike your choice.

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