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8 Best Mountain Bike Frame In 2023: How to Choose the Right One?

Getting the best mountain bike frame is about the most amazing thing that you will relax about, given that the bike frame basically defines the bike. If you want to redefine the outlook and performance of your bike with a more resilient and elegant frame, then this must be reason you are here.

8 Best Mountain Bike Frame

So, without further ado, let’s take things underwater on the top picks of mountain bike frames that you will not resist looking into.

1. IMUST 27.5er Carbon Mountain Bike Frame: Best Overall

Our top pick today is this carbon mountain bike from IMUST, whose quality and durability is unbeatable. And this, the company has reinforced, with a warranty that runs for two years.

Essentially, the bike frame is for wheels that are 27.5er and 29.5er. Then, it is Toray T700 and T800 full carbon fiber, which is the material behind the sturdy structure. But bare carbon won’t look good, right? For this reason, the frame has a glossy UD matte finish for a refined look.

Moreover, all the cable routing is internal, which eases the maintenance of the frame. The rear axle spacing is for148 by 12 mm axles, while the rear shock dimensions should be 210 by 55 mm.

Then, this exact model is suitable for a fork measuring 150mm. It is available in sizes XS (15.5), S (17.5), M (19.5) and L (20.5).


  • Quality and durable structure
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Easy to maintain


  • Available in a single color option

2. ICANIAN P1 Carbon Mountain Bike Frame: Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Frame

Want to traverse the toughest of mountain biking conditions? Then you definitely know that a bike frame with a full suspension is your best bet. this ICANIAN P1 mountain bike frame features full carbon fiber full suspension boost, bringing you optimal performance.

It is suitable for a shock size of 200 by 51 mm, and Rockshox models are available for you to take with the frame. Then, the rear axle spacing is 148 by 12 mm, while the best tire size is either 27.5 by 2.8 inches or 29 by 2.35 inches.

With a 2-year warranty, the quality of this bike frame is top notch. remember that you can get the bike in two color options, which are blue and khaki.

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  • Quality construction
  • Best for tough off-road conditions
  • Full suspension boost


  • The full suspension makes it difficult for wheelies

3. BEIOU 3K Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Frame: Elegant 26” Bike Frame

If you are looking for a way to enhance your 26-inch bike to keep it outstanding, then you should try out BEIOU mountain bike frame. It comes in bright colors ranging from black, green, red, orange and yellow, which are blended with lovely black and white colors.

Despite the 3K glossy finish that attracts us to the bike frame, the main construction is really strong and sturdy. It is majorly Toray T700 carbon fiber, so you can be sure of lasting quality.

The cable routing of the bike is external, and the bike frame further comes with a seat post clamp and a headset.

Using a disc braking system, you can be sure of a safe ride and steady stops.


  • cute color combinations to suit your bike and taste
  • strong and sturdy construction
  • easy and steady braking system


  • Quite heavy

4. TRIFOX Mountain Bike Frame: Best Bike Frame for Wheelies

If your bike uses a hardtail bike frame such as this, then you know that wheelies will be a walk in the park. Other than being hardtail, the bike frame offers the following benefits:

First off, the frame is a construction from road frame T800 3K, which is strong and steady for any position on the bike. Also, it is available for all the bikes between 15 inches and 21 inches.

Regardless of the strength of the material, the frame only weighs only 1200g. Yet, the frame does not come alone; it has a headset and a seat clamp too in the package.

With a matte black and glossy color finish, the bike frame is an elegant piece to behold. And that’s not all, because the 2-year warranty is an ultimate guarantee of high quality.


  • Multiple sizes available
  • Strong and quality
  • Steady but standard weight


  • Only available in one color combination, black and gold

5. UD Carbon Mountain Bike Frame: Lightweight

Looking from a mountain bike frame that is so light that you forget that you are on a mountain bike? That you will surely get with this UD mountain bike frame, which only weighs 8.8 pounds. It is also easy to install, and you will barely need extra help installing it on the bike.

Moreover, the bike frame is quality in material, being a construction of full carbon. It is suitable for all 29er wheel bikes, basically.

The head tube has been reduced to 1 1/8 inches fork tube, so as to accommodate more mountain bike forks.


  • Built from quality material
  • Lightweight, yet steady
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Available in only one size

6. Full Carbon UD Matt MTB Frame and Fork: Get a Fork Too!

X-goods bike frame comes with something that you will really appreciate; a fork. Now you don’t have to stress over buying an extra fork just to suit your new bike frame.

On top of that, both the frame and the fork are of high quality, being full carbon construction. Suitable for 29er, the frame is great for all 29-inch bikes. Nevertheless, the general size of the frame is 17 inches.

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The frame rear axle spacing is favorable for 142 by 12 mm axles, while the head tube is reduced to 1 1/8 inches at the fork area.

At only 8.82 pounds, the frame is impressively lightweight for a mountain bike.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a fork
  • High quality


  • Only in a black color option

7. AM/ XM525 Steel Mountain Bike Frame: Easy Installation

Like working on your bike yourself? The installation process that accompanies this bike frame will enhance your skills, with easy steps and a clear guideline for you.

This bike frame keeps you at peace, given its quality chrome-molybdenum steel material. The steel material further makes it sturdy, and hence easy to balance on.

The five-way features a teeth pattern of 68 mm, while the rear fork is 135mm, and also quick release at that.

With exclusive color matchings to enhance the outlook, your bike will definitely have a sophisticated look. At 27.5 by 16 inches, this bike frame is suitable for most adult mountain bikes.


  • Easy to install and learn installation on
  • Brings elegance to your mountain bike
  • Quality


  • Only available in one frame size

8. Full Dynamix Hardtail Mountain Bike Frame: On Budget Aluminum Frame

Did you know that with proper research, you can get a competitive bike frame that is cost-friendly? This is how we got this Full Dynamix hardtail mountain bike frame, whose performance is incredibly awesome.

Designed from aluminum, the bike frame is quality and sturdy, but still with a light weight. Moreover, it is compatible with a headset that is 1 1/8 inches, which is common in most mountain bikes. The front derailleur should be 34.5 mm, and the top seat post 31.6mm.

For maximum safety downhill and off-road, the frame uses disc braking system.


  • Compatible with disc brakes for optimal safety when stopping the bike
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight


  • It doesn’t come with a warranty

Mountain Bike Frame Size for Height

Mountain bike frames range from size 15 to 21mm, 15 being XS and 21 being L. Mountain bikes use smaller frames compared to other bikes, just like with the wheels. Depending on your height, you can gauge on the best mountain bike frame size for you.

Other than the user, the bike frame size should also depend on the bike that you are using. The specifics of the bike sizing are always given, from the wheel size to the size of the head set.

Read details : How Do You Measure a Mountain Bike Frame Size?

Which is the Best Material for Mountain Bike Frame?

Mountain bike frames should always feature sturdy and quality material, which can handle the rough condition of the road.

Nevertheless, the material should also be lightweight, so as to allow the rider an easier time when the road becomes too rough to ride on. For instance, in situations when it is extremely muddy or when one gets to a really thick bush that they have to traverse.

Which Things to Consider When Buying A Mountain Bike Frame


The most recommended mountain bike frame materials are aluminum and carbon fiber, and in some instances steel also allowed.

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This is to ensure that the material is strong and resilient, and at the same time displaying minimal weight for convenience.


Your mountain bike frame should be capable of handling very rough road conditions, even shocks and constant knocks. The design and the material should be so resilient that nothing should shake your bike, at least for the duration that you use the bike frame.

This aspect also enhances your confidence on the bike, which leads to better training and performance in mountain cycling.


Mountain bike frames should be lightweight, in spite of being high quality metal. This way, you will have an easy time with your bike regardless of the situation you are venturing into.


Size is very essential when looking for a mountain bike frame. Of course, the bike frame has to be compatible with your mountain bike. Other than that, take a size that you will be comfortable riding in your height.


When looking for the best bike frame, the cost should never surprise you, right? However, it is amazing how brand competition helps bring down the cost of most products. Therefore, it is not a surprise to get a very competitive bike frame for your mountain bike at an inexpensive cost.

Suspension Frames Vs Hardtail Frames

For beginners and those in competition, a bike frame that has full suspension will be worth it. It helps take any obstacle with an ease that you will appreciate.

However, if you are training and a tough challenge better for you, then the hardtail bike frame will be ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do pros use smaller bike frames?

Most do, but some are still in favor of larger bike frames. The sizing largely depends on the height of the biker, and also personal taste.

Is it better to get a smaller or a larger mountain bike frame?

Either will still be fine for you, depending on personal preference. Though most bikers prefer smaller frames, there is a good number who would never leave a larger frame for a smaller one.

Do pro cyclists ride smaller bikes?

Yes, they do. When doing mountain biking, sometimes you will have to carry your bike, other times drag it on mud. A smaller bike is a simpler option for an easier time in these conditions.

What should I look for in a mountain bike frame?

Look for stealth in a lightweight bike frame. The bike frame should handle the tough off-road conditions, yet be lightweight enough to allow you take it through inconveniencing situations.

In a Nutshell:

Mountain bikers are always looking for a better bike frame, one that will help bite the mountain in ease. Given the above list, you now know what to look for in the best mountain bike frame when purchasing one. Quality and lightweight should be top of the list, not forgetting that the size of the frame is also an important aspect.

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